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Service parts

Buy service parts online

There are 25,000 spare parts available for online purchase. You will need to know the part number to place an order.

Get help finding your part number

If you do NOT know the part number:

Browse these service parts to buy online:

ThinkPad Upgrades

Find part numbers by machine type and model:

For IBM system X products:
Please mark on the IBM Support Portal your machine and the kind of document you are serching for.
If your are searching for information about service parts you should enter Part information in the Search Support field.

IBM Support Portal *

For Lenovo products:
Please use on the Lenovo support page 'Browse Products' to search for a machine, 'Run & Auto Detect' to detect your machine or 'Use Quick Path' in case you have machine information.
(Run & Auto Detect is only available with Internet Explorer.)

Lenovo Support page *

Retail Store Solutions parts available online

Retail Store Solutions parts are available for online purchase now.
You will need to know the part number to place an order.

If you do NOT know the part number:

The official source of Retail Store Solutions Field Replacement Unit (FRU) part numbers is the Hardware Service Guide. These guides provide detailed information about problem determination, servicing and the list of official Field Replacement Unit part numbers for the machine in question.

Hardware Service Guides

When you know the marketing 'Feature Code', an alternate source of information to help identify FRU part numbers is the Retail Store Solutions Pictorial Guide to Features. This is an unofficial publication provided 'as-is' and should be considered a supporting document to the Hardware Service Guide. If you are in any doubt to the accurateness of part number information contained in these guides, you should defer to the Hardware Service Guide or contact Techline.

Retail Store Solutions Pictorial Guide to Features
Retail Store Solutions Techline

Need help?

For specific information about Service Parts orders, call 972-3-9142800 during business hours or e-mail at

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