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How does your IT organization measure up?

Learn how IBM's Business of IT Executive Workshop can help contribute directly to business value by driving innovation, growth and revenue.

How does your IT organization measure up?

To succeed in today's fast-changing marketplace, companies must stay ahead of the competition. They must find new ways of delivering services and provide employees and customers with better accessibility while incorporating the very latest technology. And, IT must help enable it all. It can be difficult, however, to create the kind of IT environment that can support quick change and growth—especially with traditional structures still in place.

How would you know if your IT organization was failing to live up to business expectations?

  • Top-level executives would be demanding to know how you plan to drive revenue growth and create competitive advantage.
  • Line-of-business managers would be knocking on your door to complain about lagging service levels and slow technology deployment.
  • End users would inundate your staff with reports of problems.

Would you know where to start addressing the problems? It's not always easy. Chances are your IT environment has become a complex, hard-to-penetrate mesh of interdependencies. And your staff may be close to maxed out. Who has the time or the insight to sort through it?

IBM does. Our Business of IT Executive Workshop can help you to determine:

  • how well your IT strategy is aligned with your business
  • how your IT budget and staff are currently allocated
  • which IT functions are differentiating and which ones are not
  • how to gain a clear vision of your desired future state
  • how to prioritize IT improvement projects and action plans according to business value.

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