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Featured IBM System Storage Disk Systems

High capacity, high availability disk storage for an on demand world

Entry and mid-range systems

For over 50 years, IBM has been a pioneer in developing disk solutions that have helped customers around the globe. IBM System Storage Disk Systems products and offerings provide compelling storage solutions with superior value for all levels of business.

IBM Storwize V7000

Product details

IBM Storwize V7000 is an innovative new storage offering that delivers essential storage efficiency technologies and exceptional ease of use and performance - all integrated into a compact, modular design that’s offered at a competitive, midrange price. Storwize V7000 also allows you to virtualize and reuse existing disk systems, supporting a greater potential return on investment (ROI).


300 GB min, up to 240 TB max

Storage Management

IBM Storwize V7000 software
IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Centre performance management software is an optional add-on to the Storwize V7000 system. Organisations can run reports that clearly identify performance hot spots in the storage system.


8 Gbps FC host connectivity, 1 Gbps and optional 10 Gbps iSCSI host connectivity


Automated tiering solution with IBM Easy Tier, internal and external storage virtualization solution, thin provisioning solution

IBM® System Storage® DS3500 Express

Product details

IBM has combined best-of-breed development with leading host interface and drive technology in the IBM System Storage DS3500 Express. With next-generation 6 Gbps SAS back-end and host technology, you have a seamless path to consolidated and efficient storage—improving performance, flexibility, scalability, data security and ultra-low power consumption—while not sacrificing simplicity, affordability, or availability.


The IBM DS3500 storage system is a cost-effective complement to meet the storage needs of many applications as well as a component of an overall low cost configuration with System x server, BladeCenter and Power Systems.

Ease of use

IBM DS Storage Manager software is the perfect combination of robustness and ease of use that does not sacrifice control.


With balanced and sustainable performance, the DS3500 storage system is equally adept at delivering throughput to bandwidth-intensive applications and IOPS to transactional applications.

IBM System Storage DS3400

Product details
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The IBM System Storage DS3400 Express is a FC host-based external storage system specifically designed for a wide range of organizations. With FC interface technology, next-generation SAS back-end technology, SAS and SATA drive intermix support, and DS3000 Storage Manager software, the DS3400 storage system provides businesses with robust, reliable, cost-effective FC networked storage. The enclosure addresses the top concerns of businesses managing increasing demand for capacity, data availability and consolidated management.
Starting at $6,495 (IBM US list price) *

Host interfaces

4 Gbps FC

Host channels


Included management software

DS3000 Storage Manager

Cache memory

1 GB / 2 GB

Physical storage capacity

7.2 TB with 600 GB SAS drives within the first enclosure

24.0 TB with 2.0 TB SATA drives within the first enclosure

28.8 TB with expansion and 48 600 GB SAS drives

96.0 TB with expansion and 48 2.0 TB within the first enclosure

IBM System Storage DS3400 Fibre Channel (FC) controller


Single controller FC model


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Dual controller FC model


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The DS3400 is a 4 Gbps external Fibre Channel (FC) storage solution available in single and dual controller models. The DS3400 scales in capacity to support a total of 48 hard disk drives by using the EXP3000 expansion unit. The DS3400 is a direct-attach and SAN solution for System x and BladeCenter servers.
Starting at $7,924.00 (IBM list price)*


  • 172641X single controller, 4 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) storage
  • 172642X dual controller, 4 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) storage
  • Disk storage

    Max 48 Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives (using three EXP3000 Expansion Units)

    Host interface

    Two host ports per controller, Fibre Channel (FC) 4 Gbps auto-sensing 1 Gbps/2 Gbps

    Management software

    IBM System Storage DS3000 Storage Manager


    Rack support; dual redundant, hot swappable power supply

    IBM System Storage DS3950 Express

    Product details
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    In a continuing effort to provide storage solutions that are designed to provide low total cost of ownership, high performance, robust functionality, and unparalleled ease of use, IBM offers the IBM System Storage® DS3950 Express®. As part of the DS series, the DS3950 Express offers high-performance 8 Gbps capable Fibre Channel connections, optional 1 Gbps iSCSI interface for less demanding applications and lower cost implementation, up to 67.2 TB of Fibre Channel or FC-SAS physical storage capacity, up to 224 TB of SATA physical storage capacity, and powerful system management, data management and data protection features. The DS3950 Express is designed to expand from workgroup to enterprise-wide capability with up to six Fibre Channel expansion units with the EXP395 Expansion Unit.

    Physical storage capacity

    67.2 TB Fibre Channel or FC-SAS, 224 TB SATA


    Up to 4 GB

    Host ports

    4 - 8 Gbps Fibre Channel (Model 94H) or 4 - 8 Gbps Fibre Channel and 4 - 1 Gbps iSCSI (Model 98H)

    Disk ports

    4 - 4 Gbps Fibre Channel

    IBM System Storage EXP2500 Express

    Product details
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    The IBM System Storage® EXP2500 Express® is a cost-effective, fully integrated storage complement to IBM System x® servers. Offering substantial improvements at a price that will fit most budgets, the EXP2500 Express delivers superior price-to-performance ratios, functionality, scalability and ease of use for the entry-level storage user.
    Starting at $3,399 (IBM US price) *

    IBM System Storage EXP3000


    DS3000 EXP3000


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    DS3000 EXP3000 with DC power supplies


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    EXP3000 provides enhanced performance and reliability vs. drives housed internally to the server. When combined with the MegaRAID 8480 controller, it offers a simple and affordable solution for the small and medium departments in large enterprises.
    Starting at $4,389.00 (IBM list price)*


  • 1727-01X, SAS, up to 12 3 Gbps SAS drives
  • 1727-02T, SAS, supports - 48V DC power supplies
  • Common features

  • Modular, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) storage expansion enclosure
  • SAS or SATA hard disk drive intermix supported with select IBM System x servers using MegaRAID host bus adapters
  • Capacity depends on optional hard drives chosen by the customer
  • Powerful and comprehensive management and configuration tools included
  • IBM System Storage DS5000 series


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    The IBM System Storage DS5000 series provides next-generation enterprise controller technology with field-replaceable host interface cards (HIC)—two per controller and, for the initial release, up to 4 Gb/s FC HICs (16 total host ports). Sixteen 4 Gb/s FC drive interfaces support up to 256 FC/SATA drives. The series is designed for up to 32 GB of dedicated data cache (16 GB per controller). The initial release supports 4 or 8 GB of cache per controller, dedicated cache mirroring channels, and persistent cache backup in the event of a power outage. The DS5000 series offers support for RAID 6, 5, 3, 10, 1, 0 and also offers two performance levels (base: DS5100 and high: DS5300) with ability to field-upgrade performance levels.


    1818-51A, 1818-53A, Expansion unit 1818-D1A

    Supported drives with EXP5000 and/or EXP810 expansion

    750/7.2K SATA DDM, 1,000 GB/7.2K SATA DDM, 146.8 GB/15K 4 Gbps FC DDM, 300 GB/15K 4 Gbps FC DDM, 450 GB/15K 4 Gbps FC DDM


    DS5100 (1818-51A): 8 GB Total, 1818-53A (DS5300): 8 GB or 16 GB total

    Host interface

    DS5100: 8 x 4 Gbps FC host interface cards, DS5300 up to 16 x 4 Gbps host interface cards, Auto-negotiate to 1, 2, and 4 Gbps speeds

    Management software

    IBM System Storage DS Storage Manager


    Rack support, SAN support

    * All prices are Canadian currency

    Enterprise systems

    The IBM System Storage DS8000 series, delivers an enterprise storage continuum of systems with shared replication services and common management interfaces.

    IBM XIV Storage System

    Product details

    The IBM XIV® Storage System is a groundbreaking, high-end, open disk system designed for extreme ease of use, low total cost of ownership, and consistent high performance and availability. The XIV hardware is based on a grid of standard Intel® and Linux® components connected in any-to-any topology by means of massively paralleled, non-blocking Gigabit Ethernet. This architecture supports consistent performance that grows as capacity increases. Its virtualized design automatically balances load across system resources, eliminating the need for manual tuning and supporting rapid self-healing in the case of a drive failure. IBM XIV is a core component of the IBM Information Infrastructure.


    From 72 up to 180 disk drives per frame in 1 TB or 2 TB capacities. Up to 24 FC ports (4 Gbps, 2 Gbps or 1 Gbps). Up to 6 iSCSI ports. 240 Gbps cache to disk bandwidth.


    Active-active N+1 redundancy of all system components, rapid disk rebuild, self-healing.


    XIV Storage System Software comes standard with: support for thousands of near-instantaneous snapshots, volume cloning with immediate availability, thin provisioning, asynchronous and synchronous remote mirroring, data migration, and an amazingly intuitive user interface.

    Total cost of ownership (TCO)

    XIV can offer dramatic savings through ease of management, virtualization, standard system software functionality, and efficiencies in capacity, power, and space usage.

    IBM Scale Out Network Attach Storage (SONAS)

    Product details

    The IBM SONAS is an enterprise class network-attach storage system designed to offer scale out performance, capacity and very high utilization rate. It is designed as a single global repository to manage multiple petabytes of storage and up to a billion files under single File System securely, efficiently. Its provides policy-driven file lifecycle management driven by a robust Policy Engine and automated storage tiering (disk and tape) for operational efficiency, ease of management and cost savings.


    14 petabytes


    Up to a billion files in a single file system and up to 256 file systems; Simplified management of petabytes of storage; Linear scaling of performance; Robust, automated tiered storage and lifecycle management; Backend Tape support for long term cost savings; Robust asynchronous replication for business continuity and disaster recovery; Leverage as a NAS gateway for IBM XIV Storage System.


    Provision and monitor usage by application, file, department or whatever makes sense to business; Includes ability to report usage and access patterns for chargeback.

    IBM System Storage DS8000 Turbo


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    The IBM System Storage DS8000 series are high-performance, high-capacity storage systems designed to break through to an entirely new dimension in scalability, resiliency and overall total value. Incorporating dual-clustered POWER5 servers, new four port 4 Gbps Fibre Channel/FICON host adapters, up to 256GB cache, fibre channel and Fibre Channel ATA (FATA) disk drives, the DS8000 series is designed for outstanding performance.


    Built for outstanding performance with an IBM POWER5+ ™ processor complex and 4 Gbps Fibre Channel/IBM FICON® connectivity

    Disk drives supported

    SATA 146GB (15K rpm) and 300GB (10K rpm) and FATA 500GB (7K rpm)

    Physical storage capacity

    Up to 320TB physical capacity with options for both Fibre Channel and Fibre Channel ATA drives to enable tiered storage implementations

    Total cost of ownership (TCO) advantages

    Enterprise Choice warranty and model upgradeability offers dramatic opportunities to help organizations reduce the TCO of their storage systems

    Storage systems for High performance computing

    * Pricing: All prices are Canadian currency. Prices subject to change without notice. Starting price may not include a hard drive, operating system or other features. Contact your IBM representative or Business Partner for the most current pricing in your geography. IBM purchase price may not include tax, shipping or any recycling fees. IBM DOES NOT WARRANT NON-IBM PRODUCTS.
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