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Returns policy


For a new IBM Machine, you may return it to IBM for any reason within 30 days of the date of invoice and obtain a refund or credit. IBM does not provide refunds or credits for portions of a packaged offering provided at a single price. You may return the complete package for a refund or credit.

To qualify for this credit or refund (as applicable), you must call IBM at 1-800-426-4968 to obtain a return-authorization form. You must return the new IBM Machine, including all documentation and accessories, intact and in its original packaging, to an IBM designated location by the date IBM specifies.

A copy of the invoice, the return-authorization form, and the shipping label must accompany the return. Shipping and handling charges generally will not be refunded or credited. IBM Machines returned without an IBM return-authorization form or returned after the date specified by IBM, may be subject to a restocking fee equal to 15% of the price paid. You agree to pay the restocking fee as IBM specifies.

For an IBM licensed software Program that was delivered to you digitally, the above terms apply, except that instead of returning the IBM Program, you may destroy it (including any IBM Program documentation) and use an IBM provided form to acknowledge in writing to IBM that you no longer have the right to use the IBM Program. If the IBM licensed software Program that was delivered to you digitally was purchased through the United States Software online Catalogue, you must submit your refund request to:

To review the return policies within each Agreement prior to placing your order, visit or call IBM customer service at 1-888-SHOP-IBM (1-888-746-7426). An customer service representative will be happy to assist you with questions regarding our return policy or any other questions you may have.

IBM Certified Used PCs and accessories

7 Day Money Back Guarantee and Quality
Satisfaction Guarantee for IBM Certified PC's

If for any reason you are not satisfied with an IBM Certified Used PC Machine you acquire, you may return it to IBM Credit within seven (7) days after you receive delivery of the Machine and obtain a full credit or refund or replacement with an equivalent Machine, at your option ("Seven-Day Money Back Guaranty"). To qualify, please call IBM Credit's Technical Support Hotline at 1-800-334-9693 or send e-mail to: When contacting the Hotline you need to provide:

  1. Your name
  2. Telephone number
  3. E-mail address
  4. 6-digit order number
  5. Machine-model
  6. Machine Serial Number (found on bottom of notebook or back of desktop/monitor)

If you call after seven (7) days of delivery, but within the Quality Satisfaction Guarantee time period designated on your order confirmation (either 3 months or 6 months, depending on type of equipment), an equivalent Machine selected by IBM Credit will be shipped in exchange for the original Machine. Such replacements will be shipped after you have returned the original Machine to IBM. All returns must include the original Machine, its manuals, media and be sent to the location designated by IBM Credit. A copy of your shipping label must accompany all returned Machines.

Hotline Support Hours
The Global Asset Recovery Services (GARS) can be contacted via phone at 1-800-334-9693 / Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm (EST) or via email at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is my manual? All product literature is provided on the system via the Access IBM application located in your ‘All Programs’ menu or through the Windows ‘Help and Support’ option on the ‘Start’ menu.

Why is my Hard drive capacity smaller than what was advertised? There is a hidden service partition on your hard drive that is not viewable space. This partition contains the recovery image for your system.

Why does my desktop not come with a modem? Most desktops are business machines and only have an Ethernet connection.

How do I get rid of these pop-up sales advertisements? The image loaded by IBM does not contain any sales advertisements. This type of advertisement typically results from software downloaded from the Internet or from certain websites. To help protect your system from this insure that you have some type of Pop-Up Blocker and Antivirus software loaded on your system before accessing the Internet.

Where is my recovery CD? Recovery media is no longer shipped with the systems as the recovery image is in a hidden partition on the hard drive. Should you need to recover your system the recovery image can be accessed at startup by pressing the F11 key or by using the blue Think Vantage or Access IBM key on the keyboard.

How can I get Recovery CD if I upgrade my HD or am outside of the warranty? If the operating system is not end-of-life, then you can call 800-IBM-SERV (800-426-7378) and purchase a recovery CD.

How long should my battery last and how long should I charge my battery? The Six cell battery should last about (1) hour, and the (9) nine cell battery should last about (2) hours. Operational times may vary depending on the type of activity being performed. For example, running a DVD movie may drain the battery in less than (1) hour. The battery should be fully charged and discharged 5 times for optimal performance.

Where is my AC Adapter or battery? The AC Adapter and Battery are in an accessory box which is located inside the unit shipping box.

Why was I told that I have no warranty, when I called 800-IBM-SERV or went on IBM's Website? Warranty for your refurbished system is provided via the GARS Hotline which can be contacted via phone at 1-800-334-9693 / Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm (EST) or via email at

Can I extend my warranty? You cannot extend your warranty, but you can setup hardware maintenance on your machine. Please refer to the following web link for more information:

Why doesn't my machine come with Service Pack 2 and all the latest MS updates? The machine is loaded with the original image. Go to to get the latest updates.

How long does it take to get my refund? The refund will be completed roughly 10 business days after the machine has returned and the SN has been verified.

How long does it take to get a replacement part? Normally 2-3 business days.

How long does it take to get a replacement system? Replacement systems are shipped UPS Ground and should be received 5-7 days after your defective return has been received and verified.

Can I get a replacement shipped 1st? The replacement can be shipped before the return, only if you agree to pay for the replacement unit and have a refund issued once your defective return has been received and verified.

Can I get my replacement machines shipment expedited? Yes. For Notebooks, the charge is $40 for Next Day delivery and $35 for 2nd Day delivery. For Desktops or Monitors, the charge is $67 for Next Day delivery and $60 for 2nd Day delivery.