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Software Digital Delivery

Get software in an instant with Digital Delivery -- and save 10%*


Get software in an instant with Digital Delivery.

Why wait for the software you need right now? With Digital Delivery, you don't have to.

For select software on the site, you can place your order online, then download it directly to your desktop whenever it's convenient.

Note: Products can be re-downloaded for up to one year from the date of the order.

Using Digital Delivery, there's no waiting for a shipment to your home or business. Better yet, Digital Delivery costs less.

Now save an additional 10% on Digital Delivery Software Products. The IBM Web price* includes a 10% discount offer on Digital Delivery Software Products.

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All digital deliveries are electronically assembled, compressed to reduce delivery time, and encrypted to protect your order. Some products on the site are only available through Digital Delivery while others are available either via download or by shipment.

Ready to get started?

Once you're on a product page, you'll see:

  • Digital Delivery products marked with a
  • Price of the software
  • File size of the software

    100 KBytes 1MB 10MB 100MB
  14.4K modem 1 min. 9 min. 1 hr. 33 min. 15 hrs.
  28.8K modem 0 min. 5 min. 46 min. 8 hrs.
  33K modem 0 min. 4 min. 40 min. 7 hrs.
  56K modem 0 min. 2 min. 24 min. 4 hrs.
  128K line 0 min. 1 min. 10 min. 2 hrs.
  T1 line 0 min. 0 min. 1 min. 9 min.

Get the software you need, when you need it. Just look for the and place your order through Digital Delivery.

What's new with Digital Delivery?
We've made enhancements to the way Digital Delivery orders are handled:

  • Products are no longer wrapped and encrypted! This means you'll no longer need to decrypt the file before installing it (saving DASD space) and in most cases you'll no longer need a customer number/license key combination (saving time and potential problems)
  • Request for downloads after the sale are now secured by both, your order confirmation and e-mail.
  • Separately downloadable options (or components) are now easily selectable from the download page.
  • Download Director (DD) is now offered as an option. DD can handle resumable and restartable downloads, multi-file downloads and multi-threaded downloads.

For assistance, please call 1-888-SHOP-IBM.

*The web price for all digitally delivered products includes the 10% discount.This special offer announced September 25,2001 is subject to change without notice.Offer valid in U.S. and Canada only and selected countries in Europe and Asia.

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