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McDATA Enterprise Fabric Connectivity Manager Version 9

Help simplify storage network infrastructure management, reduce risks and improve security

MMcDATA Enterprise Fabric Connectivity Manager, EFCM V9, is designed to extend Storage Area Network (SAN) management from departmental to enterprise-wide without compromising performance; to simplify SAN management with a single integrated management console; to help improve data availability with proactive alerts and streamlined troubleshooting processes; and to enhance network security with fabric "lock down" capability and encryption of key data.

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Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM at 1-888-SHOP-IBM. You can also request a quote for SAN McData EFCM or other IBM SAN products

Ordering Information

Order McDATA EFCM V9 (2028-E09), which replaces EFCM V8 (5697-J37), through IBM for an integrated McDATA EFCM, SANavigator and SANvergence Manager platform to manage multi-vendor storage networks.

To order EFCM V9 online, your order must include the product number (2028-E09) and either the standard base code (2028-E09-8026) or the enterprise base code (2028-E09-8033).

Modular design enables advanced features to be added as the storage network scales from business-class switches, to enterprise-class directors and to multiple-site continuity infrastructures. No charge upgrade features from other versions of McDATA management software (under McDATA support agreements) help provide software investment protection. Flexible service features provide from one to five years support.

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Qty. Product Description IBM Web Price*
    2028-E09   McDATA EFCM version 9.0
    2028-E09-8026   McDATA EFCM standard base
    2028-E09-8033   McDATA EFCM enterprise base
    2028-E09-8036   EFCM Standard to Enterprise (upgrade)
    2028-E09-8039   SANverg Std/EFCM Std (upgrade)
    2028-E09-8025   SANverg Ent/EFCM Std (upgrade)
    2028-E09-8034   EFCM Enterprise Base (upgrade)
    2028-E09-8040   SANverg Ent+EFCM to EFCM Ent(upgrade)
    2028-E09-8027   Adv Mod 32 ports (1 yr M&S)
    2028-E09-8028   Adv Mod 64 ports (1 yr M&S)
    2028-E09-8029   Adv Mod 256 ports (1 yr M&S)
    2028-E09-8030   Adv Mod 512 ports (1 yr M&S)
    2028-E09-8032   Adv SAN Routing (1yr M&S)
    2028-E09-7420   EFCM Standard 1 yr M&S extension
    2028-E09-7379   EFCM Enter 1 year M&S extension
    2028-E09-7424   EFCM Enter Upgrade 1yr M&S extension
    2028-E09-7427   EFCM Enter Upgrade 1mo M&S extension
    2028-E09-7382   Adv Mod 32 ports 1 yr M&S extension
    2028-E09-7385   Adv Mod 32 ports 1 mo M&S extension
    2028-E09-7386   Adv Mod 64 ports 1 yr M&S extension
    2028-E09-7389   Adv Mod 64 ports 1 mo M&S extension
    2028-E09-7390   Adv Mod 256 ports 1 yr M&S extension
    2028-E09-7393   Adv Mod 256 ports 1 mo M&S extension
    2028-E09-7394   Adv Mod 512 ports 1 yr M&S extension
    2028-E09-7397   Adv Mod 512 ports 1 mo M&S extension
    2028-E09-7398   Adv SAN Routing 1 yr M&S extension
    2028-E09-7401   Adv SAN Routing 1 mo M&S extension

*Prices do not include tax and are subject to change without notice. Offerings good only while supplies last. Additional shipping charges may apply.