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IBM Certified Used System p5 570

Configuration 9117
IBM Certified Used System p5 570

The IBM System p5 570 mid-range server is a powerful 19-inch rack mount system that can be used for database and application serving, as well as server consolidation. IBM's modular symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) architecture means you can start with a 2-core system and easily add additional building blocks when needed for more processing power (Up to 16-cores) I/O and storage capacity. The p5-570 includes IBM mainframe-inspired reliability, availability and serviceability features.

The System p5 570 server is designed to be a cost-effective, flexible server for the on demand environment. Innovative virtualization technologies and Capacity on Demand (CoD) options help increase the responsiveness of the server to variable computing demands. These features also help increase the systems utilization of processors and system components allowing businesses to meet their computing requirements with a smaller system. By combining IBM's most advanced leading-edge technology for enterprise-class performance and flexible adaptation to changing market conditions, the p5-570 can deliver the key capabilities medium-sized companies need to survive in today's highly competitive world.

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Features Description Quantity
9117-570 eServer 1
1846 Operator panel 1
1847 Processor cab, 2 drawer system 1
1857 SP flex cab,2 drawer system 1
2640 IDE slimline DVD-ROM drive 1
3274 73.4GB 10K/rpm disk drive 2
4452 2GB (4X512MB) DIMMS, 208-pin 8
4651 Rack indicator, Rack #1 1
5005 Software Pre-install 1
6671 Power Cord(9FT),Drawer to IBM PDU 4
7164 IBM Rack-mount drawer rail kit 2
7300 System draw, enclosed w/ bezel 2
7768 Processor power regulator 6
7830 2-WAY1.65GHz power5 CUOD Proc.C 4
7865 Processor enclose and backplane 2
7866 I/O backplane, 6 PCI-X slots 2
7867 System midplane 2
7868 Ultra320 SCSI 6-pack backplane 2
7869 Media enclosure and backplane 1
7870 Power distribution backplane 2
7878 Serial port riser card 2
7888 AC power supply, 1400W 4
7897 1 Proc. .ACT. for CUOD PRC.FC7830 4
7997 System service processor 1
8452 0-priced proc. ACT.CODE-#7830 4
9169 Factory Integration specify 1
9300 Language group, SPCF-US English 1

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    9117570-01   IBM Certified Used System p5 570. Configuration 01

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