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IBM Certified Used Nways Multiprotocol Controller

Machine Type 3746 - Model 900
IBM Certified Used Nways Multiprotocol Controller
Product number Description Feature code
3746/900 Nways Multiprotocol Controller  
  (1) Controller Rack 5023
  (1) Service Processor Type 4 with 128MB 5054
  (1) Communication Line Processor 5200
  (1) Line Connection Box Expansion 5202
  (1) Line Interface Coupler Type 11 5210
  (1) Line Interface Coupler Type 12 5212
  (1) ESCON Channel Coupler Type 2 5502
  (1) ESCON Channel Processor Type 2 (ESCP2) 5522
  (2) Token Ring Coupler (TIC3) 5601
  (1) Controller Bus Coupler (CBC) 5602
  (2) Token Ring Processor Type 2 (TRP2) 5622
  (15) ARC V.24 - DCE Attach 12M 6415
  (15) ARC V.35 - DCE Attach 15M 6515
  (1) Attach 3745 Model XXA 9008
  (1) Attach 3745 Model XXA 9009
  (1) Network Node Base 9018
  (1) Moisture Resistant Plug 9027
  (1) Controller Expansion Moisture Resistant Plug 9028
  (1) Line Interface Coupler Type 11 Cable 15M 9716
  (1) 208V 60Hz 9902

The IBM 3746 Nways Multiprotocol Controller Model 900 provides the IBM 3745 Communication Controller Models 17A, 21A, 31A, 41A, and 61A with ESCON* channel adapters, additional SDLC and X.25 communication lines, Token-Ring, Ethernet, ISDN-PRI and ATM attachments. The native support of the ESCON architecture provides flexibility in the design of host front-end installations. Very fast access to S/390 servers can be obtained on WAN and Campus networks when attached to the 3746 Model 900. The 3746 Model 900 can be operated as an APPN/HPR Network Node and/or an IP router independently from NCP, and a SNA/Subarea or Composite Network Node (CNN) controlled by NCP.

Additional custom configurations of these and other products are available by contacting IBM Global Financing at 1-888-SHOP-IBM and choose option #2 then option #5.

You can purchase maintenance service for your certified used hardware by calling 1-888-426-4343 x1 and speaking with an IBM Services Representative who can provide you with a tailored solution.

These IBM Certified Used products cannot be reordered once they sell out. IBM Global Financing has the right to refuse or cancel orders placed for IBM Certified Used Equipment, even if IBM Global Financing has confirmed receipt of your order. If you submit an order for IBM Certified Used Equipment which sells out and the product cannot be fulfilled through existing inventory, IBM Global Financing shall contact you and advise you of the stock outage.
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    3746900   IBM Certified Used 3746 Nways Multiprotocol Controller Model 900 expansion unit

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