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IBM Certified Used Multiaccess Connector

Machine Type 2216 - Model 400
IBM Certified Used Multiaccess Connector
The IBM 2216 Model 400 is supported by IBM's open, standards-based Multiprotocol Access Services code. It features eight adapter slots, high system availability with load-sharing hot-pluggable dual power supplies, individually powered adapter slots, hot-plugging of adapters, fast boot time, environmental monitoring and redundant cooling. LANs-Token Ring, Fast Token Ring, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, FDDI; WANs-V.35, EIA-232, X.21, V.36, worldwide ISDN Primary, HSSI, Channelized T1/J1/E1; Channel-ESCON, Parallel; ATM-155Mbps multimode, 155Mbps single-mode

Product number Description Feature code
2216/400 Nways Multiaccess Connector  
  (1) 2 Port Token Ring Adapter 2280
  (1) 1 Port Fast Ethernet Adapter 2288
  (1) 233MHz System Card 2856
  (1) 256MB DIMM System Memory 2522
  (1) Base MAS Code Preloaded 2899
  (1) Power Supply 2871
  (1) USA Modem 2900
  (1) Power Cord 9810
  (1) 1 Port ESCON Adapter 2287

Additional custom configurations of these and other products are available by contacting IBM Global Financing at 1-888-SHOP-IBM and choose option #2 then option #5.

You can purchase maintenance service for your certified used hardware by calling 1-888-426-4343 x1 and speaking with an IBM Services Representative who can provide you with a tailored solution.

These IBM Certified Used products cannot be reordered once they sell out. IBM Global Financing has the right to refuse or cancel orders placed for IBM Certified Used Equipment, even if IBM Global Financing has confirmed receipt of your order. If you submit an order for IBM Certified Used Equipment which sells out and the product cannot be fulfilled through existing inventory, IBM Global Financing shall contact you and advise you of the stock outage.
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Qty. Product Description IBM Web Price*
    2216400   IBM Certified Used 2216 Model 400 NWAYS multiaccess connector

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