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IBM BladeCenter HS22V

IBM BladeCenter

Series features:
  • Two Intel  Xeon 5500 or 5600 series processors, supports advanced, standard, basic and low voltage
  • Up to 144 GB of memory with 18 VLP DDR-3 memory DIMMs
  • Support for up to two 1.8" solid-state drives
  • RAID-0, -1 and -1E (optional RAID-5 with battery-backed cache)
  • 1 CIOv slot (standard PCIe daughter card) and 1 CFFh slot (high-speed PCIe daughter card)
  • Broadcom 5709S onboard NIC with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with TOE
  • Virtual Fabric Adapter ships integrated in some models
  • Support for all BladeCenter enterprise and office chassis

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