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IBM Certified Pre-owned
Power Systems Servers

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Certified refurbished Power Servers

Finding the right technology solution these days is a complex business. There are so many different elements to consider.

One of the options taken by more and more companies today, irrespective of size or industry, is refurbished equipment.

When you choose IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment as your refurbished solution, you're assured of an excellent value for your money with no compromise on quality or service.

IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment gives you the option of buying attractively priced, remanufactured IBM technology from a trusted supplier with total confidence. Each remanufactured product is rigorously tested, upgraded as required and recommissioned. Only then is it made available to you.

IBM's refurbished products are delivered through IBM Global Financing, the world's largest IT financier. Additionally, we provide after-sale support, including a telephone help line, to ensure your satisfaction.

Maintenance After-License fees will apply for Software Maintenance purchases if the machine is not at the most current level of the operating system

iSeries 520 configuration 01

Base product number 9406520 low-level configuration
from $5,919.00 IBM Web price*

iSeries 520 configuration 02

Base product number 9406520 high-level configuration
from $49,225.00 IBM Web price*

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  • Call us at: 1-888-SHOP-IBM, option 2

  • Call us at: 1-888-SHOP-IBM, option 2

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