Leasing your business purchase from IBM

  • Available to eligible, credit-qualified businesses only (consumer financing is not available at this time)

There are a lot of great reasons why you should consider leasing your business purchase from IBM, including:
  • You can acquire the solution you need right now, even if your current budget won't allow an outright purchase
  • You'll spread costs across the lifetime of your solution, replacing large upfront expenses with low monthly payments
  • Leasing can cover all aspects of your solution, including hardware, software and services, from IBM and other vendors
  • It helps protect you from technology obsolescence by providing flexible end-of-lease options
  • You can conserve capital for other projects
  • It provides a single, simple payment plan that can be tailored to your needs

To lease your purchase online, follow these simple steps:

Step One:Place your product selection into the shopping cart and select 'Checkout'.

Shopping cart page

Step Two:Enter your address information on 'Checkout 1 of 2' and click 'Continue'.

Checkout page 1 of 2

Step Three:On the 'Checkout 2 of 2: Payment and shipping' page, select 'Leasing' from the 'Select payment method' pull-down

Checkout page 2 of 2

Step Four:After reviewing your payment, billing and shipping information, click the 'Order' button. Then a "Thank you for ordering" screen will appear. This will provide you with your confirmation number and a link to the on-line application to complete the leasing process. Once submitted, you can expect a leasing decision by the next business day and will receive a follow up call from an IBM representative.

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