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IBM System x Services

IBM offers a modular suite of hardware and software support services available for your IBM System x , BladeCenter and non-IBM Intel based servers.

Many companies today are running business critical workloads on x86 platforms and taking advantage of cost effective solutions from IBM System x and BladeCenter to improve their IT and business performance. These x86 products and environments are becoming more and more complex due to virtualization, attachment to multiple platform types, managing microcode levels and multiple middleware implementations – this can put a strain on any IT organization and impact system availability if not pro-actively supported.

To fully leverage the capabilities of today's x86 server devices, your staff needs deep knowledge on 'how to' configure these devices along with proactive support to maintain hardware and software levels. IBM helps you meet these challenges with a modular set of affordable System x and BladeCenter support services designed to meet your specific business availability requirements while freeing up your IT staff to focus on business innovation.

Here's how IBM can help support your x86 server environment:

Hardware Maintenance and Warranty Services

Your new server devices come straight out of the box with hardware warranty support.
Need faster response time? Greater coverage hours? Keep your systems running and
mitigate down time with the right support for your environment.

Learn More about Warranty Services and Maintenance Options

Software Support for System x and Bladecenter

The majority of new X86 server devices only include hardware warranty support as a default service, which covers hardware product defect support only. Server device warranty and your server support contracts don't include product usage support. Since the majority of service requests for servers are related to installation, usage, operating system and configuration issues and not HW defect problems, you need IBM's Support Line for System x, BladeCenter, Linux and VMWare to maximize your IT Investment and increase your IT staff productivity.

Learn More about Support Line for System x, BladeCenter, Linux and VMWare

Essential Support for System x and BladeCenter Combines Hardware and OS Support in One Contract!

As you deploy more business workloads on x86 platforms that require higher levels of availability support complexity grows. Are you spending too much time trouble shooting hardware and operating system problems? Do you need faster access to 'how to' support for your hardware?
IBM ServicePac® for Essential Support for IBM System x® provides a single source for your IBM System x and IBM BladeCenter® hardware and software support needs. By offering this support in a single package, you no longer need to sign separate agreements or select multiple coverage options to provide a complete solution IBM and other vendors.

Learn More about ServicePac for Essential Support for System x and BladeCenter

Microcode and Hard Drive Retention Options Keep Your Systems Running and Protect Client Data

Supporting your X86 server environment isn't always as easy as just having a solution and plan to mitigate risk. Resources and skills can be stretched, and requirements can stand in the way of ensuring you meet corporate standards and guidelines. These services can increase your IT staff productivity and offload your team to focus on critical business needs.

Learn More about:
Microcode support
Enhancing high availability through preventive maintenance across IBM platforms

Maintenance option for hard drive retention
Keep your hard drive at replacement to protect sensitive data

Learn More about:

Enhancing high availability through preventive maintenance across IBM platforms
Keep your hard drive at replacement to protect sensitive data

Enhanced Support tailored to Your Unique Environment

Complex x86 server and blade environments can be a headache to support and impact IT staff productivity. Is your server environment becoming more challenging to support? Are you finding it hard to build the skills required to support new server technologies? Have you had server outages that impacted your business?
Our Enhanced Support services are designed to help you simplify your technical support by providing single-source expertise for your IBM, Microsoft® and open system platforms, as well as your middleware, storage and network systems from IBM and other vendors.

Learn More about IBM Enhanced Support Services

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