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IBM Services for POWER7

Seven ways to gain up to four times the capability and energy efficiency as previous systems

IBM Services for POWER7

POWER7™ systems are designed to offer industry-leading return on investment through improvements in price, performance and energy savings. IBM has an array of services to help you implement POWER7. Experienced specialists can have you up and running with limited disruption to the infrastructure usually within a few days.

Reduce operating costs and complexity through effective server optimization

In today's environment of tight IT budgets, you can save money and reduce complexity through better server utilization. IBM Implementation Services for AIX V6.1 is designed to facilitate a quick and effective installation of the AIX V6.1 operating systems on your Power Systems servers.

IBM will:

Facilitating efficient IBM Power Systems migration to the most current AIX operating system

Designed to help you efficiently migrate to the AIX V6.1 platform and help optimize your return on investment — all while enabling your in-house staff to focus on business-critical activities. Trained and experienced IBM Global Technology Services specialists can have you up and running on AIX V6.1 with limited disruption to your server infrastructure.

IBM will:

Simplify data center component management for enhanced availability and reduced costs

Provides quick and efficient installation of near real-time monitoring and management capabilities available through Systems Director. An integrated, cross-platform management tool, Systems Director can help enhance availability and efficiency while driving savings across your organization.

IBM will:

Monitors, manages and controls data center energy usage for improved availability and performance

The energy required to power and cool your organization's data center components can result in a significant cost, yet it can be difficult to accurately determine actual usage. IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager provides near-real-time power and thermal monitoring and management capabilities for Power Systems servers.

IBM will:

Helping you deploy advanced server virtualization capabilities quickly and smoothly – with less risk

Designed specifically for organizations that choose to deploy the IBM PowerVM feature available on most IBM Power Systems servers, this solution provides professional assistance to help you complete the implementation quickly and with less risk. Provides expert implementation services in a fixed-price, fixed-scope format to rapidly leverage the capabilities available with most Power Systems servers. Other customized services are also available depending on your PowerVM service needs.

IBM will:

Enhancing your Power Systems environment with quick, efficient implementation of IBM PowerHA for AIX

Designed to facilitate a quick and efficient installation of IBM PowerHA for AIX on your new or existing IBM Power Systems servers. This service includes onsite planning, installation, configuration and testing of IBM PowerHA for AIX by an experienced IBM service support representative.

IBM will:

Enable predictable outcomes with non-disruptive volume-level migrations at the block level

Designed for data centers with multi-vendor storage environments and the need for continuous application availability. Softek TDMF is host-based data migration software that helps enable non-disruptive data migration, locally or over distance, regardless of storage hardware, for IBM z/OS®, Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX® and Linux® environments.

IBM will:

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