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IBM Online Commerce Solutions for US Federal Government

Making it faster, easier and more cost effective to do business with IBM.

Streamline your procurement and contract management processes with IBM. Our secure, web-based tools are designed to simplify complex processes, making it faster and easier for your agency to do business with IBM. If you are currently using an eProcurement or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system, chances are we can integrate with that system.

These electronic solutions are available at no additional cost to IBM clients.

  • Enterprise Software Management Tool (ESMT)

    Helps you manage the deployment and tracking of large, complex software license contracts more efficiently and effectively.

  • Online Maintenance Management (OMM)

    Helps you manage IBM proposals for warranty and maintenance coverage and address exposures to your current coverage.

  • IBM e-Catalog

    Streamline your electronic integration with IBM as a vendor.

  • Shopz

    Shopz is the online solution for ordering and delivery of System z software. Shopz is used by customers worldwide to plan, place, and track orders, 24/7.

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Procurement solutions for purchasing from IBM

Learn more about how to optimize your IT purchase from ordering to invoicing, minimize supplier risks and make buying easier from IBM.

Getting Started

See how easy it is to get started with IBM online solutions.