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IBM Online Solutions

Making it faster, easier and more convenient to do business with IBM.

Streamline your procurement steps with IBM. Our web-based tools are designed to simplify complex processes, making it faster and easier to do business with IBM.

These electronic solutions are available at no additional cost to IBM clients.

  • Enterprise Software Management Tool (ESMT)

    Helps you manage the deployment and tracking of large, complex software license contracts more efficiently and effectively.

  • Online Maintenance Management (OMM)

    Helps you manage IBM proposals for warranty and maintenance coverage and address exposures to your current coverage.

  • B2B eProcurement

    Access now for automated PO routing, spend management visibility, greater efficiency in procurement process with IBM.

  • Electronic Invoicing

    eInvoicing is designed to help simplify doing business with IBM by allowing you to receive electronic invoices for products and services purchased from IBM.

  • Help

    Electronic Request for Service

    IBM automates the RFS process and provides clients with better visibility into requests, improved process efficiency and faster response times.

  • Orchestra BCRS

    Orchestra BCRS

    Orchestra integrates with your IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Solutions (BCRS) contract and provides the ability to easily submit your BCRS operation requests to IBM.

  • Shopz


    Shopz is the online solution for ordering and delivery of System z software. Shopz is used by customers worldwide to plan, place, and track orders, 24/7.

  • IBM e-Catalog

    Streamline your electronic integration with IBM as a vendor.

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