Streamline your procurement steps with IBM. Our web-based tools are designed to simplify complex processes, making it faster and easier to do business with IBM.

These electronic solutions are available at no additional cost to IBM clients.

IBM’s Cisco Ordering Tool

Designed to streamline your ordering process by providing you with the ability to configure and validate Cisco devices, add support services, and view your entitled pricing.

Online Maintenance Management (OMM)

Helps you manage IBM proposals for warranty and maintenance coverage and address exposures to your current coverage.

Electronic Invoicing

eInvoicing is designed to help simplify doing business with IBM by allowing you to receive electronic invoices for products and services purchased from IBM.

Orchestra Tool for Resiliency Services

Orchestra integrates with your IBM RS contract and provides the ability to easily submit your IBM RS operation requests to IBM.

IBM e-Catalog

Streamline your electronic integration with IBM as a vendor.

Enterprise Software Management Tool (ESMT)

Helps you manage the deployment and tracking of large, complex software license contracts more efficiently and effectively.

B2B eProcurement

Access now for automated PO routing, spend management visibility, greater efficiency in procurement process with IBM.

Electronic Request for Service

IBM automates the RFS process and provides clients with better visibility into requests, improved process efficiency and faster response times.


Shopz is the online solution for ordering and delivery of System z software. Shopz is used by customers worldwide to plan, place, and track orders, 24/7.

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