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How does the System z eLearning for IBM Customers work ?

Each Web lecture module consists of a set of Freelance or Powerpoint charts (broken into parts to speed up load time), with an audio recording made by the presenter. The time for each modules varies but we have tried to divide up the module into approximately 45 to 60 minutes segments.When you Sign on or Register, you will see a list of all available classes for the System z eLearning for IBM Customers.

How long will my participation in the System z eLearning for IBM Customers take ?

There is no set time for taking the System z eLearning for IBM Customers modules. We recommend that you initially familiarize yourself with the contents of the System z eLearning for IBM Customers and make note of those modules which you may need in the future. Then immediately take 3 to 4 modules relevant to your job speciality to update or increase your product and industry knowledge. After that, make a point of returning to the System z eLearning for IBM Customers at regular intervals or whenever you need to learn refresh or extend your knowledge.

Can I bookmark a module to come back to it later ?

Yes, you can bookmark within a module to return to the slide you left at a later stage. In fact you can have multiple bookmarks for different modules. The Bookmarks button on the Workspace lists all the bookmarks you have.


The Workspace provides several specific icons to guide you through the list of presentations. These are:


You may use following left navigation links:

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