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IBM TPC Reporter for Disk


America's Advanced Technical Skills is pleased to announce worldwide general availability (GA) of the IBM Solutions customer performance data collection and reporting utility, "IBM TPC Reporter for Disk v2".

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The IBM TPC Reporter for Disk v2 is a Microsoft Windows (.NET 4.0 Framework) application that connects remotely to a workstation running IBM's TotalStorage Productivity Center (TPC) software, version 4.1 and above. The TPC Reporter will extract storage subsystem information and hourly performance statistics directly from the DB2 database on the TPC workstation. Extracted statistics are compiled locally, and transcribed into a white-paper style PDF file, which is saved on the local machine. The report will contain information detailing your storage server utilization.

The Reporter will generate reports for subsystem types:

  • DS8K
  • DS6K
  • SVC
  • XIV
  • Storwize V7000
  • BSP (ESS & DS4K).

The automatically generated report will contain an overview of the subsystem information, basic attributes of each subsystem components, a performance summary of each component, aggregate statistics of each component, and charts detailing information about each component instance. Component types reported are Subsystem, Ports, Arrays, and Volumes. Additional SVC component types reported are IO/Groups, Nodes, MDisk Groups, MDisks, and VDisks.

Please take the time to review the following items as they contain the latest information regarding IBM TPC Reporter for Disk v2:


Sample Report


View the Terms & Conditions:
(Please read carefully before downloading the tool)

Terms & Conditions


Download the Tool 

(Tool runs on Microsoft Windows 30MB File)

TPC Reporter ver 2.1.1



This application also requires installation of IBM DB2 libraries:


Download one of:
IBM Data Server Runtime Client,

  •    Execute "v9.7fp4_nt32_rtcl_EN.exe" for English, or "v9.7fp4_nt32_rtcl.exe" for international
  •    Accept all defaults

or IBM Data Server Client,

  •    Unzip "v9.7fp4_ntx64_client.exe" and then run "CLIENT\setup.exe"
  •    Disable Operating System security, or make sure current user belongs to the right group

or IBM Data Server Driver Package,

  •    Execute "v9.7fp4_nt32_dsdriver_ALL_LANG.exe" or "v9.7fp4_nt32_dsdriver_EN.exe" for English only
  •    Accept all defaults


For technical support please send an email to with the subject heading:
"TPC Reporter for Disk - Technical Question"

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