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IBM Insight for Oracle Databases


The "IBM Insight for Oracle Databases" utility program, and its subsequent reporting process, is intended as a convenient, high-level, relational database system and performance statistics collector for in-production relational database environments.

More details

IBM Insight for Oracle Databases is a Windows .NET 4.0 application that will capture performance statistics provided by in-production databases. Captured statistics are written to the hard drive of the Windows PC dedicated to the collection process. When the collection process is complete, the statistical data is sent to IBM Techline for report generation. 

The report will be sent to you detailing how your production databases were utilized. The report includes system-wide: active users, workload, DB wait time, database CPU consumption as a percentage of capacity, logical I/O, physical I/O, and network I/O by time of day. Also included is host CPU utilization and paging activity by time of day. System and instance information is provided along with system global area (SGA) size and cache statistics. 

Statistics from multiple databases can be collected simultaneously. Oracle RAC systems are supported. The collection process is designed to have minimal impact on your production database environment.

• This tool supports Oracle 10g and 11g 
• This tool does not support Oracle 9 (or below) 
• Dates and times displayed in the Insight report will be based on the PC clock where the Insight Collector is run. Not on the clocks of the database servers.
• IBM Insight for Oracle Databases tool is used to capture statistics for the Database Server only. If you are interested in getting a sizing done for your application then a sizing questionnaire must also be provided to IBM. You can download the appropriate sizing questionnaire from

Download IBM Insight for Oracle Databases ver 3.0

Tool runs on 64-bit Windows (122 MB File)

Tool runs on 32-bit Windows (121 MB File)


For questions and/or technical issues, please send an email to: with "IBM Insight for Oracle Databases Question" in the subject heading.

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