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SVP Industry and Capability Authorization announcement May 2013

SVP Industry and Capability Authorization is IBM Software Group's leading value incentive that recognizes and rewards Business Partner when selling their repeatable industry and business capability solutions built with IBM software. The following requirements structure is being implemented across all SVP Industry and Capability Authorization solutions to create a more streamlined and consistent program offering:

Solution content and verification:
Eligible IBM products that comprise the Business Partner solution and verified by IBM.

Solution references:
Business Partner references and/or deployments of their solution.

In support of these changes IBM will publish specific industry solution offerings that qualify for SVP Industry Authorization. Each offering will include IBM solution content, customer pain, value proposition, and additional information specific to each solution.


All existing SVP Industry and Capability Authorization applications and their eligibility requirements will remain available through June 2013 as new application eligibility criteria are being rolled out. Business Partners who apply under the existing eligibility requirements must be approved within 45 days of applying or they will need to reapply and meet the new eligibility criteria.

Business Partners currently approved for SVP Industry and Capability Authorization will remain unaffected by this change through year-end 2013. Business Partners must meet the new solution revalidation requirements in January 2014 to remain approved for SVP Industry and Capability Authorization.

Changes to both SVP Industry and Capability Authorization

  1. Effective October 1, 2013 the SVP Industry and Capability Authorization solution incentive segments will consolidate the general business large enterprise and general business mid-market segments into a single general business segment. Business Partners can continue to earn the mid-market incentive but both the solution incentive claim date and the IBM sales order date must be prior to October 1, 2013.
  2. Business Partners must be SVP Product Group approved in all the products that comprise their industry and software capability solutions.
  3. Complementary qualifications previously approved by IBM can be submitted to meet SVP Industry and Capability Authorizations eligibility requirements and are specified by each solution.

SVP Industry Authorization changes

  1. IBM industry solution sales mastery skills are no longer required.
  2. SVP Industry Authorization board reviews are no longer required.
  3. Business Partner industry solutions must implement the specified industry solution offering software content to be approved.
  4. Business Partner's solutions must be submitted and published as a verified Business Partner solution in the IBM Global Solutions Directory.

SVP Capability Authorization changes

  1. Solution specific certification requirements are no longer required Business Partners must be SVP Product Group approved in all products that comprise their software capability solutions.
  2. SVP remarketer authorization approval is no longer offered when approved for select SVP Capability Authorization solutions.

For additional details and information refer to the June 2013 version of the SVP Cloud Computing Capability Authorization when available.

What is IBM Software Value Plus Capability Authorization? - IBM Software Value Plus Capability Authorization allows you to be authorized to sell based on how your customers want to buy.

Why participate?

SVP Capability Authorization is designed to help Business Partners expand their reach within specific capabilities such as security or cloud computing. IBM Software is now making it easier to sell solutions that address specific customer issues. When the Business Partner expands their skills and solutions across multiple software product groups around specific IT areas, they can achieve incremental incentives and benefits.

Eligibility for the Business Partner mark is one such benefit.
Promote the mark on web sites and collateral to promote your Specialty achievement. Marks can be downloaded from the Business Partner Mark Generator tool.

Sample marks include:

BP Marks Business Analytics BP Marks security

Capability authorization

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