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IBM Power Development Cloud

Power Development Platform provides no-charge access to IBM Power Systems

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Power Development Cloud

The Power Cloud that enables developers offers no-charge remote access to IBM hardware, including IBM POWER7+™ and IBM POWER7™ processor-based servers on the IBM AIX®, IBM i and Linux® operating systems.

PDP offers a rich and secure remote access infrastructure that allows Developer and Integrators to develop, test, certify, and support their applications on IBM hardware and middleware, while working in much the same manner as if they had loaner machines in their own office.

How to

PDP system details

Small and medium business iconUser systems include virtualized CPU, disk and networking. Users have root access to their systems but cannot access the Hardware Management Console (HMC) or the Virtual I/O Server (VIOS). Reservation duration is up to 14 days with configuration defaults. System defaults can be adjusted using a promotional code.

POWER7+™ with AIX and Linux
Server specification 8205/740, 4.28 GHz POWER7+ SCM
OS supported AIX 7.1, RHEL 6, SLES 11
CPU/memory 1 to 2 CPU / 2 to 6 GB RAM
Storage space 35 GB storage on IBM System Storage® DS8000®
% of real CPU per Virtual CPU 20%
Root access to LPAR Yes
Internal Ethernet network Gigabit
Data network type Fiber
CPU capacities UNCAPPED
Advanced feature or function Workload partitions (WPARs)
Promotional code Duration, CPU, Mem, temporary storage

Small and medium business iconUser systems include virtualized CPU, disk and networking. User has QSECOFR/root access to their system but cannot access HMC or VIO server. Reservation duration is up to 14 days with configuration defaults. System defaults can be adjusted using a Promotional Code.

POWER7 with AIX & Linux POWER7 with IBM i
Server specification 8233/750 3.55 GHz & 9179/780 3.6 GHz 9179/780 POWER7 3.6 GHz
OS supported AIX 7.1, AIX 6.1, RHEL 6, SLES 11 IBM i 7.1, IBM i 6.1.1
CPU/Memory 1 to 2 CPU / 2 to 6GB RAM 1 to 2 CPU / 2 to 6GB RAM
Storage space 35GB storage on ESS 100 GB storage on ESS
% of real CPU per Virtual CPU 25% 25%
QSECOFR/root access to LPar Yes Yes
Internal ethernet network Gigabit Gigabit
Data network type Fiber Fiber
Advanced Feature/Function WPARs
Promotional code Duration, CPU, Mem, temporary storage Duration, CPU, Mem

The root access (dedicated) environment will allow the PDP user exclusive use of the resources with full root access (QSECOFR on i) privileges. The PDP user can create accounts on the system, install middleware, and perform all functions of a root access user.

Partition characteristics:

A dedicated PDP logical partition (LPar) can be configured with either one CPU / 2GB memory or two CPUs / 4 GB memory. With full root-mode (QSECOFR on i) access, the user is free to modify the operating system configuration, install fixes, updates, and additional software. The user can also choose to save system images (as many images per user upto a total of 20GB of storage) during the reservation period.User customized saved system images can then be reloaded in subsequent reservations allowing the user long-term use via multiple sequential reservations. In addition, each PDP user has access to 10GB of file storage in an NFS-mounted /home directory, which is available on all reserved LPar's and is also persistent from one reservation to another.

Resources can be reserved and used as a reservation group, so that multi-component, multi-tier solutions can be developed and tested using multiple PDP partitions.

Details of current offering

Users can access the PDP systems through the virtual private network (VPN) concentrator and associated VPN client software provided.

We provide technical support through Live web chat, E-mail, and FAQs to the PartnerWorld member during their test period.

At the end of each engagement all PDP users will be requested to fill out an online feedback form to enable us to assess the offering's value and gather requirements to plan for future enhancements.

Now you can use PDP to quickly test key virtualization technologies included in the new Ready for IBM Power Systems Software technical validation.

Visit the Ready for IBM Power System Software validation site to find out more about this validation program then return to the PDP to test:


Feature Description
AIX Workload Partitions (WPARs)

WPARs allows the partitioning of AIX into multiple environments, each hosting applications and providing isolation from applications executing in the other environments. PDP users with AIX systems have the option to add a WPAR from the reservation management screen. Go to the PDP reservation info page and select the reservation action. Add WPAR.


For more details on how to create and work with WPARs on your PDP system please refer to the PDP Versioned WPAR User Guide (PDF, 206 KB) .


If you are already developing your application using the PDP, your validation for micropartitioning is complete! The PDP environment utilizes Power micropartitioning to create user LPARs.



IBM software and middleware

Power Development Platform-Software Access Catalog (PDP-SAC)

PDP offers cost-free access from Linux and AIX partitions to the PDP-SAC. The PDP-SAC is an entry point to the full IBM Software Group Software Access Catalog (SAC), which contains current versions of hundreds of downloadable IBM software installation images. Access to this service from PDP is provided free of charge, however, the use of this software is limited to use only within PDP. You may not download, copy, install, or use the programs on any other systems, including systems within your enterprise. The PDP-SAC is available to all countries that the IBM PartnerWorld® program recognizes as allowing click-and-accept agreements — this includes most countries with the exception of Latin American countries, and some middle-east and eastern European countries, which require paper contracts.

You can acces the PDP-SAC from any PDP AIX or Linux system (LPAR). Access and download are extremely fast and simple to do. Instructions for connecting a VNCViewer and opening a web browser to access the PDP-SAC are contained in the PDP-SAC User Guide (PDF, 63.5 KB) .

IBM Software and Middleware

IBM Industry Application Platform: preconfigured stack with WebSphere, DB2 and MQ

The IBM Power Development Platform now offers the IBM Industry Application Platform (IAP) pre-configured stack on AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1 systems. The IBM Industry Application Platform is a pre-configured instance of IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM DB2 and WebSphere MQ. For details on how to use the IAP, check out the that is available for your IBM AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1 operating- system images on the IBM Power Development Platform (PDP). You can use PDP to develop, test and validate applications by using these products. After reserving your PDP partition, which includes choosing the hardware configuration and operating system, install the IBM Industry Application Platform on that partition. For details on how to use the IAP, check out the IBM Industry Application Platform PDP guide (PDF, 1.1 MB) .

IBM Software and Middleware

IBM i Middleware Images

As IBM i is not currently capable of running an internet browser you cannot access the PDP-SAC from an IBM i partition. For IBM i partitions we offer a comprehensive set of common IBM software within the /stage/middleware/i5OS directory. Please refer to our PDP IBM i Software user guide (PDF, 25.7 KB) in the ' How to' section.

IBM Software and Middleware

Other sources for IBM Software

You may access IBM Software either from the 'IBM Software Access Catalog for ISVs' if you have purchased the Software Access Option. You can also get IBM software from the 'Evaluation Software Center for ISVs'. This software download site allows qualified ISVs to obtain the latest level of selected IBM software at no charge. This software may be used only for the express purposes of product evaluation or demonstration.

Note: either of these other sources will require you to FTP or SCP the install images to your PDP partition or to do a network install.

FTP, SCP, or network install

You can FTP or SCP your software or install images to your partition or you can do a network install with some operating systems. For information on FTP or SCP or network install please visit our FAQ's.

Example uses

PDP is intended to meet many, but not all, of the typical IBM Business Partner's requirements for access to IBM systems and middleware. Some examples of the kinds of tasks that are appropriate for PDP systems today include:

Examples of tasks that are unsuited to PDP include:

Some of the tasks that are not suited to PDP may be more appropriate to other programs, such as the IBM Innovation Centers for Business Partners.


"By accessing the [Power Development Platform], we have the flexibility to tap into the latest IBM hardware and software technologies, whenever we need, to jumpstart our development activities. In the end, this type of support helps speed the development process - and is one of the many benefits that we enjoy (as IBM Business Partners)."

"We used the [PDP] to get 3 AIX systems, and ported our product. The time to get on the systems was a matter of days, and the port was completed well before the planned time. We began generating revenue, and bought 2 AIX systems to continue product development."

"It [Power Development Platform] certainly saves me trying to hunt down an AIX box in the short term, and will therefore significantly reduce our time-to-delivery."

"The [PDP] program provides me with an easy entry opportunity to develop, deploy, and support an AIX application, without requiring the reasonably significant investment in hardware, operating system, and maintenance support time that would be otherwise required."

"In addition, the potential to access multiple architectures, the [Power Development Platform] allows me to deploy my application with multiple versions, containing compiler optimisations that would not otherwise be available to me if I had access to a single AIX machine locally."

"...everything just worked - compilers were available, paths had been configured correctly, applications were in logical places."

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Pre-enrollment questions (before you have a reservation in PDP):

Still have questions about the program? You can use the following email or phone contact information to ask questions before signing up for a system.

At this time you must select country United States to get help with pre-enrollment for PDP questions.

Post-enrollment questions (after you made a reservation in PDP):

For post-enrollment support, after you have reserved your PDP system, click the PDP support tab and follow the instructions.

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