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Application Modernization: DB2 for i style

Content provided by:
Mike Cain
DB2 for i5/OS Competency Center


Kent Milligan
IBM ISV Enablement, IBM i


The SQL programming language and IBM DB2® for i5/OS® are two modern tools that help programmers move toward more responsive, Web-enabled applications. This online course explains the modernization steps on the Road Atlas from an SQL and DB2 for i5/OS point of view. This course first discusses why you might want to modernize the DB2 aspects of your application and use SQL. Next, there is a discussion of the possible approaches and methodologies for DB2. Then, this course goes into detail on the two approaches to DB2 modernization: modernization of the database objects and their definitions (for example, moving from data-definition specifications [DDS] to SQL) and modernization of the data-access interfaces in application programs (for instance, moving from native I/O to SQL). This course concludes with some possible first steps you can take in modernizing applications from a DB2 and SQL perspective.

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