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Smarter Computing

What is Smarter Computing?
Smarter Computing is the IT infrastructure that enables a smarter planet. It helps business and IT leaders unleash innovation through the cloud, unlock the power of Big Data, and safeguard the security of critical information.

Smarter Computing

The race to enable a smarter planet has hit full stride. Forward-thinking business and IT leaders are transforming their organizations-and in many cases reshaping entire industry models-by infusing intelligence into the systems and processes that make the world work. The catalyst is a confluence of four emerging technologies-social business, the cloud, mobile and analytics-that provide opportunities for businesses to enable growth by redefining offerings and processes and creating significant value from data.

Within this period of profound change, IT leaders stand at crossroads. They need to deliver against business objectives. Yet dwindling IT budgets and increasing complexity seemingly limit the options for innovation. Security threats and administrative costs continue to grow. And the exponential growth and velocity of data along with the increasing complexity of supply chains compound the challenges.

Smarter Computing is IBM’s approach to IT innovation in an information-centric era. It helps IT leaders seize the opportunities of a smarter planet by thinking differently about the way their organizations can unleash innovation through the cloud, unlock the power of data, and safeguard the security of critical information and business processes.

In our work with thousands of leading clients, researchers and industry experts, IBM has observed that an IT infrastructure that excels in three key domains provides the flexibility, efficiency and agility to master this transition. An IT infrastructure must be:

Smarter Computing is Tomorrow Ready. Learn more about how you can help your customers adopt a Smarter Computing approach to IT:

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