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IBM Systems and Storage announcements


IBM FlashSystem V840 Enhancements

The extreme performance of flash with advanced
storage functionality

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Cloud resiliency. Just right.

Outstanding Cloud, Availability, and Management with XIV 11.5

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The new IBM Storwize V7000
and Storwize V7000 Unified

Implement a better storage infrastructure and transform the
economics of data storage

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Announcing the first generation of Power Systems
designed for data

Open innovation to put data to work

Doug Balog reaches out to IBM Business Partners
Learn more about POWER8 design and processor
Meet the new Power Systems with POWER8
architecture and processor

Put the new Power Systems with POWER8 architecture to work
for your business

Get educated. Access Education-in-a-Box
Engage clients with VITO Letters, Sales Proposals & Infographics

IT infrastructure choices matter because business outcomes matter

IBM PowerLinux Industry  Application Solution Edition
As businesses look to gain a competitive edge in a connected world, and IT professionals need to deliver new services more efficiently, the choices made about IT infrastructure take on greater meaning. Cloud, big data and analytics, mobile and social technologies are forcing organizations to take a holistic view of the way they engage customers, partners and other influencers. In a recent IBM Institute for Business Value study, seven out of 10 organizations believe that IT infrastructure enables business strategy – but more important, drives business results.

Recent IBM Systems announcements for Smarter Storage and Power Systems help strengthen the proposition that 'Infrastructure Matters'. Exciting new offerings from Smarter Storage. Enhanced FlashSystem with improved data economics by combining the extreme performance of flash with advanced storage functionality. Next Generation of IBM XIV Storage Systems enhanced for Cloud. Introducing the first generation of Power Systems with POWER8 design and processor. Benefit from the Power Systems open technology.

Learn more about exciting new solutions and offerings announcements. Visit this site frequently for latest IBM Systems announcements and updates.

IBM Storage

IBM Systems Storage has two product announcements in July.

The enhanced FlashSystem V840 provides improved data economics by combining the extreme performance of flash with advanced storage functionality. Speeding up critical applications with MicroLatency™ response times, businesses can get both efficiency and performance in a single offering that easily integrates into existing infrastructures. Find out more about IBM FlashSystem on Partnerworld and listen to the Sales education call.

Now XIV provides even more value to cloud providers with VMware cloud management integration, multi-tenancy and RESTful API enhancements. There are also enhancements in high availability and disaster recovery with three-site mirroring as well as new breakthrough management tools. Visit the XIV Partnerworld page and listen to the latest sales education and technical education.

IBM Storage May launch

Data is the new natural resource, and all clients, regardless of size or industry need to know how to turn data insight into advantage and opportunity. On May 19th, IBM presented new ways you can discuss New Data Economics and Software Defined Storage with your customers and prospects. You can follow simulcasts and replays of IBM executive, subject matter expects, peers and clients on the Edge2014 website to gain a solid understanding of these exciting annoucments.

In addition IBM has annoucnced a number of new Storage product offerings. These will allow you to:

The centerprice of these offerings is the New Storwize V7000 and SAN Volume Controller (SVC):

storwize The New Storwize V7000 transforms economics of data storage with industry-first hardware accelerated compression, 2x performance and capacity, greater flexibility, investment protection.


storwizeRadically alter data storage economics with new SVC Data Engine delivering 2x performance, compression for even more data, greater flexibility.

These are complemented by additional enhancments to IBM FlashSystem, XIV, DS800 and more.

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Introducing the new Power Systems with POWER8 architecture

Introducing the first generation of Power Systems with POWER8 design and processor

IBM PowerLinux Industry  Application Solution Edition
Maximizing the value of enterprise data
IBM Power Systems announces its first generation servers built on open server innovation and solutions to break the physical and virtual boundaries of data center in ways never before possible. Designed with open innovation to drive faster insights from data-intensive applications, these first generation systems help organizations realize the benefits of cloud and quickly tap into an open ecosystem of community-created innovation that is transforming the way IT is created and consumed.

Tap new sales opportunities with these innovative cutting-edge solutions designed to address growing markets with sharp competitive edge. Our new Power Systems and solutions provide sharp competitive edge against x86 that helps you to win.


Engage clients and win new opportunities with:

System x, PureFlex and Flex System

IBM PureFlex and Flex Systems Announcements: Drive cost-efficient performance for cloud and big data workloads


150 IBM Flex System X6 compute nodes enabling organizations to deliver greater performance, agility and resiliency for database, cloud, business analytics and ERP deployments. New IBM Flex System X6 Compute nodes now include two socket x280 X6, four socket x480 X6 and the industry's first eight socket blade server using Intel® Xeon®processors.

150 IBM Cloud Manager with Open Stack is an easy to deploy, simple to use cloud software based on the OpenStack community project with IBM enhancements that features a self-service portal for workload provisioning, virtualized image management, and monitoring. Running IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack on PureFlex System, IBM Flex System, System x servers or the NeXtScale System, enables data center managers to quickly transition to a cloud-based infrastructure based on open standards.

150 IBM PureFlex System Solution for Parallels - MSP provides a low cost, quick to implement cloud management platform for managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver IaaS based services to their clients. The Parallels Business Automation Standard and Parallels Cloud Server virtualization platforms, combined with the expert integrated platform of IBM PureFlex System, delivers the competitive edge that MSPs needs to amplify their presence in the cloud marketplace.

150 IBM Flex System Solution for SAP Business Suite provides the capability to consolidate your key SAP database and application server workloads into a single managed environment that offers extreme performance improvement for SAP Business Suite applications when compared to previous generation systems.

150 IBM has also announced as a Statement of Direction (SoD) for the availability of an SAP HANA offering based on the new IBM Flex System X6 Compute Nodes. This new solution will be certified and tested specifically for SAP HANA and will enable customers to have an integrated infrastructure to run their SAP application.


IBM System x servers and solutions: Achieve new levels of insight, efficiency and security


150 IBM System x® Reference Architecture for Hadoop: InfoSphere Big Insights delivers scale-out computing based on the latest IBM System x3650 M4 BD server for analytics of both unstructured and structured data. With increased performance, storage and memory capacity, you get faster insight from analysis of large scale data with this pre-integrated solution offering.

150 IBM System x® Reference Architecture and Sizing Guide for Hadoop: Cloudera delivers Cloudera certified reference architectures for Apache Hadoop environments based on Cloudera’s market-leading distribution. These tested and pre-integrated configurations efficiently perform complex analytics on voluminous data using the latest generation of IBM System x3650 M4 BD server.

150 IBM System x® Reference Architecture for Hadoop: MapR engineered to run the latest MapR Edition Apache Hadoop distribution to give you a fast, reliable big data platform. Built on the new System x3650 M4 BD, this solution combines the ease of use of MapR Hadoop with the performance and reliability of IBM x86 servers in an integrated reference architecture.

150 IBM System x3100 M5 entry tower server—optimized for small to mid-sized businesses and distributed environments—provides advanced reliability and performance capabilities to help safeguard and accelerate your growing business.

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IBM PureFlex System
IBM System x
IBM Flex System

x86/Pure May Announcement Overview Session (replay)
Learn more about Flex solutions and reference architectures
Learn more about PureFlex solutions and reference architectures

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