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IBM Solution Accelerator Incentive

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Earn more with the IBM Solution Accelerator Incentive

The Solution Accelerator Incentive rewards the simultaneous sale by IBM Business Partners of eligible IBM servers and/or storage with eligible IBM software products. This incentive has a base reward and a solution bonus reward. In addition, Business Partners can also earn up to one (1) percent in fees when clients finance their solution through IBM Global Financing.

Why Solution Accelerator Incentive?

Clients want more value from their IT investments. Rewarding IBM Business Partners for selling IBM hardware and IBM software together and providing incentives for solution based selling will accelerate the design, development and deployment of key business solutions, addressing the needs of clients faster as well as enabling IBM with its Business Partners to reach new markets and exploit new business models.

The solutions, predefined as part of the solution bonus reward, are aligned to the top business needs of our clients.

Base reward

Channel reward for selling eligible IBM hardware products and eligible IBM software products together.

The following file contains the eligible IBM hardware products for the base reward.

Eligible hardware products (PDF, 451 KB) - Updated 30 January 2015!

All new license Passport Advantage software part numbers are eligible for the Solution Accelerator Incentive.

New license Passport Advantage software part numbers for the Solution Accelerator Incentive are part numbers with the following part types:

If you need to verify a Part Type for any software part number, please use the IBM Distributed Software price book (you may need your Authorized Profile Administrator to give you access).

Solution bonus reward

Additional channel reward for selling predefined solutions of hardware and software. Additional reward only applies to the eligible software content of the solution.

IBM Solutions overview (PDF, 347KB) - Updated 7 April 2015!
Eligible solutions product detail (XLS, 955KB) - Updated 27 October 2014!

NOTE: For U.S. only, earn a 5% rebate by including optional IBM Technical Support Services that are eligible for the Solution Accelerator Incentive! (U.S. only at this time.) Eligible IBM Business Partners that sell a solution that includes eligible IBM Servers and/or Storage with eligible IBM Software products and pre-paid eligible IBM TSS Services can earn an additional rebate that is equal to 5% of the eligible IBM TSS billed revenue included in the solution. By including Custom Technical Support, you can provide a personalized solution with direct access to an assigned highly-trained technical solutions manager familiar with the client's IT environment for quick response and a proactive approach for problem avoidance, designed to maintain high availability in complex IT infrastructures.

Listing of services products (PDF, 126KB)

Get started
  1. Read the Solution Accelerator Business Partner operations guide for all the details.
  2. Contact your distributor to learn more and take advantage of the Solution Accelerator Incentive.


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