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The IBM Co-Marketing center allows you to create, design and execute your own campaign materials, leveraging a solid foundation of professional materials available from IBM at no additional charge. You can get to market quickly with campaign materials than can be customized easily. The user interface is simple to navigate and displays a visual palette of all related campaign materials.
You have the ability to draw on professional copy-writing and images from IBM, while leveraging template designs that provide maximum flexibility to reflect your own unique identity

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Integrated marketing campaigns, with connection points across the marketing mix, are increasingly important with the advent of social media and other digital marketing elements. In support of this direction, IBM has launched a new model of campaign delivery: Ready to execute (RTE) campaigns.

Ready to execute campaigns are simple, packaged multi-touch marketing campaigns that address your clients' top business problems. There are 100+ English campaigns in the Co-Marketing center, with 100+ translated campaigns added across 12 additional languages. There is no charge for the RTE campaigns and they are available worldwide.

For Software Group, each RTE campaign has a guidance document that explains messaging and how to assemble the elements. Each campaign includes 3-4 customizable emails, with corresponding customer offers, landing page text, a telescript, and digital guidance. On the Software Group RTE PartnerWorld page there are 2 short web casts that go into more detail about RTE and how to access them. If your company has marketing resources and a telemarketing team, you can run all or part of these campaigns in-house. If not, use a co-marketing agency's services, or perhaps your VAD will run a campaign on behalf of multiple Business Partners and divide the leads between you.

For more details about our Ready to execute campaigns, please visit the various RTE campaign websites here:

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