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The PartnerWorld web site will be undergoing scheduled maintenance starting Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 11:00 PM CT and ending Sunday, October 26, 2014 at 8:30 AM CT. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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The value of PartnerWorld
"Business Partners are making all the difference"

Marc Dupaquier,
General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners

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When you team with IBM, you are collaborating with an industry leader that has a rich history of innovation and excellence - longer than any company in information technology today.

Connect your clients to a broad portfolio of solutions and services with the power to transform. Infuse your offerings with IBM market-leading hardware, software and services that can help companies:

  • Work smarter
  • Create competitive advantage
  • Capture and harvest new insights that spark and sustain success

Through IBM PartnerWorld, we provide easy access to wide-ranging benefits and support – from marketing and selling to training, technical information and collaboration. Align your business with IBM through skills acquisition, sales and client satisfaction and we will reward that investment with higher-value support.

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Welcome to IBM PartnerWorld, IBM's global marketing and enablement program designed to create new market opportunities and help generate new revenue for IBM Business Partners.

As an IBM Business Partner and member of PartnerWorld, you have access to a broad range of resources to help you build, sell and implement solutions based on the latest IBM products and services. Through PartnerWorld, you'll find the resources to help you sell more, deepen your skills, and extend your reach across more markets and into high-growth areas such as business analytics, cloud computing, expert integrated systems, and mobile and social business.

This is a very exciting time in the IT industry. Opportunity has never been richer, and as an IBM Business Partner, you can be sure that we are absolutely committed to your success. You’re making an investment in us – through skills and the IBM-based solutions you are bringing to market. Together, we share an agenda. Together we are delivering a smarter planet.

Teaming with IBM puts the power of one of the world's most respected technology brands behind your business. Together we're a winning combination.

Welcome to the new PartnerWorld web site. We’re introducing a new look, a different feel – and delivering a richer experience to put you ahead of the curve. Now it’s easier to access the resources you need to succeed. Search. Save. Browse and explore. Start a conversation. Collaborate. Grow. Win. The new PartnerWorld web site delivers relevant content faster – and makes it easier to tap into world-class resources and support that accelerate your success and maximize your value to clients.


A user-friendly interface

Longer pages enable you to surface content faster -- without clicking through multiple pages. The left navigation is always visible, so it’s easier and faster to get where you need to go.

Today I want to...

This new feature offers a quick list of common tasks people want to accomplish when they visit the site. It’s divided by role – so the context is always directly relevant to you, whether your role is administrative, executive, marketing, sales or technical.

Saved searches

We've streamlined our search interface. Now you can fine tune your search criteria. What’s more, you can save your searches so that you can access them again.

Shortcuts and lists

As before, you can save shortcuts, but now you can save as many as you’d like and add them to "lists" to organize them the way you like to work. Drag and drop your shortcuts to as many of lists as you want.

Communities and social media

Social offerings are more robust and consolidated, allowing you access to relevant communities and conversations without leaving the page you're on to join the conversation.

  • Marc Dupaquier photograph

    Marc Dupaquier

    General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners

  • Mark Register photograph

    Mark Register

    Vice President, Software Business Partners and Midmarket

  • Sandy Carter

    Sandy Carter

    General Manager - Ecosystem, ISV and Entrepreneurship

Success through teamwork

Success can be measured in many ways - through industry and peer recognition, client satisfaction, and the ability to collaborate and deliver innovation that excites and transforms. IBM and our Business Partners excel in each of these areas and across the industry, helping clients solve complex issues and delivering successful business outcomes.


Over the years, IBM initiatives and programs for Business Partners have won hundreds of major channel-related awards around the world. This recognition affirms our commitment to delivering industry-leading support as we go to market with you to provide solutions and services for a smarter planet.

  • CRN Channel Champs
  • 5-Star Partner Program Award
  • Top 100 Women in the Channel
  • ARC Awards - multiple wins
  • Tech Innovator Award
  • CRN Top 100 Executives

Nothing sells like success. Each day, IBM Business Partners around the world team with customers to solve complex challenges and create opportunities across business and industry. No sector is untouched by advances in technology today. No company is immune to the transformation created by a smarter planet.

Thousands of references tell the stories behind client successes - how IBM Business Partners have helped clients achieve their business objectives with IBM-based technology. But don't just take our word for it. Listen to the clients and to our Business Partners. Hear how success is delivered through teamwork.

The Beacon Awards recognize IBM Business Partners for their information technology excellence, commitment to skills attainment, industry expertise and innovative solutions based on IBM technology and services.

Winners are selected by leading industry journalists, analysts, and IBM executives for award areas spanning Smarter Industries, Smarter Computing, Smarter Solutions, and Technical Excellence. Winning solutions showcase IBM Business Partner skills and expertise in developing innovative approaches to solving business challenges and helping clients grow.

Program benefits


PartnerWorld offers benefits for all types of companies and members. Whether you are focused on marketing, selling, technical, training or collaboration tasks, we offer benefits to help you succeed. PartnerWorld benefits are IBM funded offerings or discounts passed that represent tangible and unique, competitive marketplace offerings that directly improve partner revenue, profit or cost savings.

Training and certification

IBM's offering portfolio

Our products, services and solutions not only empower clients, but also they create considerable opportunity for our Business Partners around the world.

When you go to market with IBM, you can develop and sell IBM-based solutions and services integrating powerful building blocks and intelligence with the unique value you add.


Did you know?

IBM is helping advance innovation by offering R&D expertise to Business Partners through a worldwide network of Innovation Centers in 34 countries.

IBM has invested over $14 billion dollars in 25 analytics acquisitions and has dedicated 8,000 business experts with hundreds of mathematicians focused on developing innovative analytics technologies.

IBM is investing in R&D and acquisitions to accelerate its Cloud initiatives. We've invested more than $3 billion in key cloud acquisitions.

IBM's portfolio embodies our profound commitment to innovation illustrated in two decades of worldwide patent leadership. IBM technologies and services transform, simplify and create a smarter planet.

Moreover, special incentives can increase your profitability when you deliver more complete IBM-based solutions that combine eligible IBM servers and/or storage with eligible IBM software products.

Pursuing key opportunity areas together means we can deliver smarter where clients need us most, including high-growth areas:

  • Smarter Analytics icon

    Big Data & Analytics

    Give your clients the competitive advantage to transform their business with Big Data & Analytics for the cognitive era.

  • Cloud Computing icon

    Cloud Computing

    An IT delivery and consumption model where IT services are delivered over the network using virtualized, standardized, automated, and scalable resources. Services allow end-user control, self-management, and a pay-per-use model.

  • Expert Integrated Systems icon


    Systems with integrated expertise that combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance.

  • IBM MobileFirst  icon

    IBM MobileFirst

    Connect with mobile customers, build insights through powerful analytics, deliver more relevant engagements, and improve management and customer service with seamless integration of front-end functionality and back-end data.

  • Social Business icons

    Social Business

    A social business activates networks of people to create a business that is engaged, nimble, transparent and can deliver unprecedented return for the time invested.

Smarter Planet

Business leaders are using data to transform their enterprises and institutions through analytics, mobile technology, social business and the cloud. They're redesigning how their teams work, reassessing how to serve their customers, and changing the very nature of business.

This ability to harness data and use it to drive your business decisions can give you a competitive advantage in the new era of "smart.”

  • Smarter Analytics icon

    Big Data & Analytics

    Give your clients the competitive advantage to transform their business with Big Data & Analytics for the cognitive era.

  • Cloud Computing icon

    Cloud Computing

    Expand your portfolio with Cloud solutions

  • Expert integrated systems icon


    The world's first family of systems with integrated expertise

  • IBM MobileFirst icon

    IBM MobileFirst

    Drive growth and innovation by turning every interaction into an opportunity for value

  • Product and Service Innovation icon

    Product and Service Innovation

    Accelerate the delivery of innovation through product and service design and delivery

  • Security and Resilience icon

    Security and Resilience

    Manage risk and reduce costs by securing IT, enabling compliance and protecting business continuity

  • Smarter Cities icon

    Smarter Cities

    Find efficient ways to analyze data, anticipate problems and coordinate resources in municipalities

  • Smarter Commerce icon

    Smarter Commerce

    Redefine your client's value chain in the age of the empowered customer

  • Smarter Computing icon

    Smarter Computing

    Build infrastructures designed for data, tuned to the task and managed with cloud

  • Social Business icon

    Social Business

    Create a next generation experience to improve loyalty and maximize effectiveness

  • Sustainability icon


    Use green technologies to reduce costs, meet regulation requirements and leverage the benefits of proven corporate responsibility

Small and medium business

Small and medium business iconThere's nothing small about the small and medium business market - a rich opportunity area for IBM Business Partners. Clients want local expertise and access to smart solutions that can help them do more with less.

Special offerings, tools, education and incentives are available to help you sell products, solutions and services to mid-sized clients - faster and more profitably. Collaborating with IBM in the small and medium business market through PartnerWorld can mean big business.

Understand the marketplace, develop solutions and close deals.

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