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IBM Cloud Computing Specialty

Specialize to gain enhanced benefits and
take advantage of the rapidly growing cloud opportunity

IBM Cloud Computing Specialty

The IBM cloud computing specialty rewards IBM Business Partners who make a significant investment in skills and certifications, customer references, and have the ability to successfully provide, sell, and deploy cloud applications and services. Those Business Partners meeting the eligibility criteria receive access to a comprehensive set of PartnerWorld benefits that can help drive more sales and revenue.

IBM has greatly expanded its Business Partner focus on the cloud computing opportunity and has done so through multiple PartnerWorld offerings including the Cloud Computing Specialty, Managed Service Provider (MSP) Initiative, and Ready for SmartCloud Services. The revised Cloud Computing Specialty is simplified and is consolidated into two paths covering Cloud Builder and Cloud Provider.

IBM Business Partners are using a variety of business models to capture cloud market opportunity, often using multiple business models. IBM has summarized these business models into 6 paths. While the paths are not exhaustive, they represent the most frequently used Business Partner business models. Outlined below for each path are IBM key cloud support offerings. While we have listed the key support offering(s) for each path, Business Partners are encouraged to consider all of the PartnerWorld cloud support offerings that help them succeed.

PathKey support offerings
Cloud Builder Cloud Computing Specialty
Cloud Provider (MSP / CSP) Cloud Computing Specialty
Managed Service Provider Initiative
Infrastructure Provider Cloud Computing Specialty
Managed Service Provider Initiative
Services Solution Provider To be determined
Application Provider Managed Service Provider Initiative

Learn more about additional IBM PartnerWorld cloud support:

  • - Cloud builders

    These solution builders engage in consultative and solution selling of IBM offerings. They also assist clients to design, build, and manage their private cloud environment, as well as integrate into their infrastructure and public/hybrid/private clouds.

  • - Cloud providers

    Business Partners that build and manage a public cloud capability. Managed service providers (MSP) and cloud service providers (CSP) are included in this path. This path covers firms who offer trusted advise to clients and services including platform as a service to building a public cloud using IBM technologies and offerings (e.g., IBM middleware and IBM servers).

Get started with the IBM Cloud Computing Specialty

Benefits available to Business Partners who receive cloud computing specialty accreditation include the Cloud Computing specialty mark, business development incentive and more.

By completing the criteria for the IBM Cloud Computing Specialty, you will earn PartnerWorld points that you can use to move to the next PartnerWorld membership level. If your company is currently authorized for an IBM hardware or software brand, you are likely already on the path to qualifying for the IBM Cloud Computing Specialty.

To qualify for the Cloud Computing Specialty, your company must meet the specified criteria through eligible certifications and verified customer references, as well as achieve and maintain the minimum annual IBM Cloud computing revenue requirements.

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