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IBM Webcast

2012 & beyond – Technology strategies & tactics for maximizing IT value

IBM Webcast - 2012 and beyond

Listen to this exciting webcast to get the strategies, tools and best practices you need to profit and grow in today’s business environment. You'll also receive the new IDC report on “Strategic IT Acquisition Options: How Used Equipment Can Optimize IT Portfolios”

A number of transformative technologies such as cloud and analytics are reshaping the business and IT landscape bringing with them both challenge and opportunity. In this one hour webcast IDC will discuss their impact and how you can tactically manage the transition while maximizing IT value.

You will also hear from our panel of experts about how clients are working with business partners and IBM Global Financing to implement IBM solutions to deliver optimal savings and flexibility.

Featured speakers
Joseph Pucciarelli, Program Director, IDC Technology Financing and Executive Strategies
Richard Dicks, General Manager, IBM Global Financing / Asset Recovery Services
David Stone, Executive Vice President, Solutions II

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