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Financing for IBM Storwize Rapid Application Storage Solutions

Easy and affordable

IBM Storwize Rapid Application Storage brings together the latest in innovative storage technology, powerful management software, and IBM world-class services to help clients manage their business applications and the information explosion.

And now with the flexible options from IBM Global Financing, it’s even easier to propose a Rapid Application Storage Solution to you clients. With a fast approval process, clear and concise terms, and competitive rates you can easily propose a single contract with a single monthly payment.

With IBM Global Financing clients can instantly increase their purchasing power to obtain the solution they need vs. what they can afford, with the predictability of monthly payments. What’s more, financing provides your clients powerful ways to lower costs with programmatic technology refreshes and can help them preserve cash for revenue generating initiatives.

Easy to quote

Start with an indicative monthly payment option using a simple, pre-defined calculation. To determine the monthly payment, the seller simply divides the total cost of the purchase by the country’s standard rate divisor.

1Q12 monthly divisors for IBM Storwize Rapid Application Storage indicative payment by country:

US Canada Germany France Italy UK Japan China
31 31 31 31 11 11 33 30

Example of $75,000 purchase in the U.S., using the 31 standard rate divisor:

After introducing the concept to your client, use IGF’s online tools to request credit approvals, generate financing contracts or provide your client with additional financing quotes.

*Indicative price is for planning purposes only, and is based on a 36 month term loan structure. Eligible product is the IBM Storwize Rapid Application Storage solution except services delivered by other than IBM. Actual rates and availability are based on customer's credit rating, financing terms and offering type. Other restrictions may apply. Rates and offerings are subject to change, extension, or withdrawal without notice. Divisors may change quarterly. Divisors are based on a blended rate for all credits (GRMG 1-6, China: GRGM 1-5)

Client benefits

Business Partner benefits

For the Partner seller:

For the Partner firm:

Additional information and resources:

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