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Financing Smarter Analytics

IBM Global Financing can help finance analytics solutions for your clients

Financing enhances your project's success

IBM Global Financing, can provide options to finance Smarter Analytics solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. We can customize payment structures to meet your client’s financial needs and make the optimal solution affordable. With highly competitive rates, flexible terms and the ability to offer multiple-period funding for the full solution—including consulting services, software and hardware from IBM and non-IBM IT suppliers—IBM Global Financing is enabling more companies around the world to embrace this new path to value.

Client benefits

Seller benefits

Analytics provide a powerful path to value

The vast proliferation of data and the need to stay one step ahead of the competition have sharpened focus on using analytics within organizations. The smartest organizations are embedding analytics in their business and IT processes and using information to transform insights into action and create a business advantage.

Smarter Analytics can optimize your client’s business outcomes

Growth, competitive differentiation and cost management can all be achieved by making informed choices about which markets to pursue, how to configure and price offerings, and how to make operations more effective and efficient.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I become an IBM Global Financing Partner/Financing Associate?

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Contact the IBM Global Financing Sales Support Center: 866-247-3990

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