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"By accessing the Virtual Loaner Program, we have the flexibility to tap into the latest IBM hardware and software technologies, whenever we need, to jumpstart our development activities. In the end, this type of support helps speed the development process - and is one of the many benefits that we enjoy from partnering with IBM."

"We used the VLP to get 3 AIX systems, and ported our product. The time to get on the systems was a matter of days, and the port was completed well before the planned time. We began generating revenue, and bought 2 AIX systems to continue product development."

"It (Virtual Loaner Program) certainly saves me trying to hunt down an AIX box in the short term, and will therefore significantly reduce our time-to-delivery."

"The VLP program provides me with an easy entry opportunity to develop, deploy, and support an AIX application, without requiring the reasonably significant investment in hardware, operating system, and maintenance support time that would be otherwise required."

"In addition, the potential to access multiple architectures, (the Virtual Loaner Program) allows me to deploy my application with multiple versions, containing compiler optimisations that would not otherwise be available to me if I had access to a single AIX machine locally."

"...everything just worked - compilers were available, paths had been configured correctly, applications were in logical places."