PowerVM Lx86 supports the installation and running of most 32-bit x86Linux applications* on any IBM Power Systems model with POWER5™ or POWER6™ technology, or IBM BladeCenter JSxx servers. Itcreates an x86 Linux application environment running on POWER processor-based systems by dynamically translating x86 instructions toPower Architecture™ instructions. Unleash the Power Systems advantages for your x86 Linux applications:

Be a part of the PowerVM Lx86 program

PowerVM Lx86 is generally available to clients and independent software vendors (ISVs). For an overview, check out our short video. When you use it, you can get regular IBM support for it along with PowerVM or you can join an open forum to exchange information with other users and IBM.

Start testing the PowerVM Lx86 feature

There are two options available to access the PowerVM Lx86 feature for testing. Clients and ISVs can download the code to a local system. To download the code, check your system configuration (links to Detailed Application Information & Recommandations section goes here) to ensure that PowerVM Lx86 supports it, then accept the online agreement to download the code.

The other option for IBM Business Partners is to test remotely using Virtual Loaner Program (VLP). The VLP is no-charge offering requiring IBM PartnerWorld membership as well as a VLP usage agreement. To access the PowerVM Lx86 system image within VLP, users must accept the PowerVM Lx86 online agreement After accepting this agreement, you will be directed to a VLP reservation page along with other documentation and help resources.

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Detailed Application Information & Recommendations

PowerVM Lx86 is supported on POWER 5 and POWER 6 systems.

PowerVM Lx86 is supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.7 and 5.3 Novell SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and 11. More details are listed in the Administration Guide, available for download above. You should use either the same OS version or one service pack earlier in the PowerVM Lx86 Intel environment compared to what is running on the POWER system.

PowerVM Lx86 runs most x86 Linux applications except those that

Applications expected to use PowerVM Lx86 effectively include infrastructure applications, tools/utilities and end user applications from Linux client operating systems or other end user interface applications.

A native port is recommended for transactional or database applications or High Performance Computing or other floating point-intensive computation. This may include some graphics and user interface applications as well as traditional HPC applications. Java applications should use the most recent version of the IBM JVM. Optimal Java applications are those with one-time use (such as installers) rather than heavy application use.