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The IBM System i Initiative for Innovation is about accelerating IBM's efforts on behalf of thousands of ISV's and tools providers, extending our reach from the largest to the smallest, deepening our relationship with them, thereby, broadening our capabilities through new innovative solutions.

The Application Innovation Program is about providing IBM resources in a programmatic, secure and virtual fashion to assist ISVs to enhance and extend their applications. Innovative solutions based on industry leading technologies help customers to be responsive to the demands placed on their business and to refocus their investment from managing IT to growing their business.

The first step towards enhancing or extending your applications is understanding the System i Developer Road Atlas. The System i Developer Road Atlas provides a step-by-step approach in enhancing RPG, COBOL, C, C++, or Java applications and building the necessary extensions to help ISVs adopt and integrate the latest innovative technologies. You can also use System i deployment alternatives: AIX, Linux on Power, and xSeries with either Linux or Windows operating system.

Are you interested in extending your System i applications using the technologies or capabilities described in the System i Developer Road Atlas? Are you wondering how you can create a browser-based graphical interface to your System i application using IBM WebFacing Tool, HATS, or a Tools Innovation partner's solution? Perhaps you'd like to understand how to implement a portal environment to provide a consolidated and consistent user experience for your customers. Maybe you're interested in modularizing your code for reuse and extending your applications with web services, .NET integration, or WebSphere Business Integrator. For these topics and more, check out our System i Application Innovation Roadmaps.

To get started, become a member of PartnerWorld and leverage the System i benefits for PartnerWorld ISVs for marketing, selling, technical, training, and collaboration.