How to use roadmaps and their features.

Following a roadmap: You can either follow a roadmap sequentially (recommended) or you can be selective and skip steps and listed resources.

Signing in: You are only required to sign in if you need to save information for a roadmap, monitor progress within a roadmap or share your roadmap with other users.

Using My roadmap: This feature allows you to create and name a version of any available roadmap, allowing you to add comments and save that version and name of the roadmap. In addition, saving a version of a roadmap allows you to share that roadmap, its comments and step status with others.

Using Manage this roadmap: In a saved roadmap, you can manage the user who can access the roadmap by adding their IDs (the IDs that you use to sign in the IBM pages) or removing them.

Sharing a roadmap: Sharing your roadmap with other users allows them to see all saved information, such as step status or comments.

Making comments: You can use the comments to document changes and add information for yourself or, if you share a roadmap, to show comments to other users.