The Nexus of Forces has made traditional application architectures obsolete, and business demands more agility than ever. 

OpenLayer is a disruptive framework. Its’ architecture empowers development teams who must adopt to support modern requirements. It champions on modern technology ecosystem and provides Agility, Optimized User Experience, and API economy.

OpenLayer breaks the monolithic approach of traditional legacy applications and delivers fit-for-purpose solutions. It can be deployed in Private, Hybrid, and public cloud.

OpenLayer delivers:

  • Access:
    OpenLayer provides personalized rich UX (with Ability to Add Mash-up and integrate Data services) access to existing applications Anytime – Anywhere - Any Device.
  • Integrate:
    OpenLayer is Information focused vs traditional approach of data focused. With OpenLayer, any user actionable information and transaction navigation can be encapsulated into a RESTful API. It does not require to reverse engineer the business logic.
  • Orchestrate:
    The innovative automation approach, enables the enterprise to use one single point solution and connect to many existing, time tested, and highly efficient back-end systems. This approach allows diversified systems to be orchestrated by single API.

Business information

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  • Functional details

    OpenLayer Framework is user Information centric and Technology and DataBase agnostic.

    The Framework provides:

    1. Personalized Access anytime anywhere
    2. Business Centric API
    3. Enables orchestration of diversified systems.

    The Framework:

    1. Versatile: Business Flow Centric
    2. Non-Disruptive: Retain Business Process
    3. Cost Effective:  One Framework all systems
    4. Mitigates Risk: Zero footprint 
    5. Future Proof: M&A & new Technologies

  • Business problem

    The Challenge in Modernizing Legacy Applications and Platforms

    Organizations continue to face the challenges of valuable, albeit aging, application portfolios. Budget and time overruns of legacy modernization projects are frequent, and many modernization efforts stall due to the organization's requirements to retain legacy data and the perceived difficulty in doing so.

  • Business opportunity

    Changing Role of Traditional IT - An opportunity for OpenLayer:  

    • Govern Shadow IT and embrace Citizen Integrators:

    Gartner predicts that, by 2017, at least 65% of new integration flows will be developed outside of central IT. By embracing OpenLayer, IT leaders can facilitates Citizen Integrators while ensuring effective Governance is in place to minimize risk.

    • Improve Business Process Optimization:

    Organizations have historically struggled to prioritize and fund Business Process Integration/Optimization efforts.  With OpenLayer, companies can now Integrate Application’s actionable information & functionality by using existing business logic.  The OpenLayer relies on existing business process, facilitates swift, cost effective, and risk free integration.

    • Accelerate Delivery of Mobile Applications:

    Enterprise IT organizations have to deliver large numbers of mobile apps with the resources that they have available. The risk to both IT and the Business is having LOBs go outside IT to contract with third-party development firms to build customer-facing mobile apps, as they see these as a critical part to their digital business activities.

    • The OpenLayer Opportunity:

    By using OpenLayer, IT organizations can deliver a powerful mobile apps by enabling third parties and LOB units to rapidly create effective client apps with a focus on a strong user experience.

  • Return on investment

    Quick and immediate ROI with OpenLayer.

    OpenLayer framework ROI drivers are:

    • Cost Effective Framework 
    • On premise private Cloud - With monthly subscription model
    • Regulatory Compliance and Certifications Retained
    • Platform and User Information Centric
    • Technology and Application Agnostic
    • Short Integration Times - Weeks vs Years
    • Risk Mitigation and Future Proof

  • Competitive advantage

    OpenLayer is a framework vs most of the solutions available in the market which are service oriented (reverse Engineering code) or one-time tool providing partial solution.

    OpenLayer is architected to facilitate the integration of diversified systems and fulfills the need of bridging legacy systems with modern cloud based systems. OpenLayer keeps "System of Record" (Mode 1 of bimodal IT) and "System of Agility" (Mode 2), in harmony without requiring any changes to the legacy (Mode 1) environment.

    OpenLayer is a Disruptive yet Non-Destructive Framework that provides Business Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Innovation through Automation.

  • Industries

    Computer Services Industry
       System Integration

  • Solution areas

    Cross industry
       Business Continuity

  • Customer size

    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • Languages supported


  • Countries/regions available for distribution

    United States

  • Solution collateral

Technical information

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  • Services

    IBM e-business Hosting
    Application Enabling Services
    Business Solutions: Strategy & Change
    e-business Services
    Services: Application Implementation

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