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Nologin Authentication Broker V 1.1

Authentication broker is built on four basic building blocks:

- Nologin Corus Server: IBM System X – based Directory Server Appliance able to handle millions of user entries with millisecond response time and strong replication mechanisms to guarantee data is always synchronized between sites.- Nologin Access Controller: IBM Security Access Manager based architecture designed specifically for each customer case, leveraging their applications by segregating the authentication & security functions from the main application. Nologin includes the assessment and design of the optimal ISAM deployment architecture based on what customer already has or Nologin can provide advice for an initial design.- Nologin Advanced Authentication Interfaces: Extending the original coverage for ISAM, custom interfaces enable ISAM to take advantage of third party token controllers, enforce policies to web services, application interaction, fine grain user access control, federated policy management- Nologin Usage Monitoring & Reporting: Detailed user behavior reports can be delivered easily, policy violations trigger alarms that can be delivered to a SIEM engine (such as Q1 Labs QRadar), or reported to the Corus Server Dashboard. Customer is always aware of failed login attempts, blocked accounts, resource consumption and other vital information.By deploying the four blocks, customer obtains a highly secure access & policy enforcement infrastructure to protect their applications. This translates to secure access for e-banking customers, both mobile (iOS for example) and Web Based Banking / Other Portals.

Información empresarial

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  • + Detalles funcionales

    The Nologin Authentication Broker creates detailed maps of the authentication flows and policy descriptions for every application and case involved.

    User experience is a single point of access to what can be delivered as a single application that can be composed of several different and apparently unrelated applications in the background. This means that separate developments for data consulting, data transaction and data reporting can be done but still controlled according to the specific security requirements without coding the security or authentication stages on each independent applications.

  • + Oportunidad empresarial

    It is the ideal solution for customers whose applications rely on SQL databases for handling users & passwords, or where the security module for each application is coded every time a new application is created or deployed.

    An excellent approach if customer requires to enable multiple (same site and remote) controlled access paths to applications, while controlling the number of valid sessions at once, enforce privileges and restrictions and audit what’s going with each user.

  • + Ventaja competitiva

    * Highly trusted solution in financial industry: IBM Security Access Manager is the most widespread access management solution for securing web based applications for banking and insurance. * Highly customizable to customer application requirements. * Fine grain Policy Enforcement, Monitoring and reporting capabilities * Able to integrate virtually all strong authentication mechanisms * Frees customer from development costs for the security modules on individual applications * Quickly secure and enforce access policies to existing applications

  • + Sectores

       Gestión global de clientes
       Banca - Otros
       Agentes de seguros - Gestión de seguros de vida y de activos (L&AM)
       Agentes de seguros - Propiedad y accidentes (P&C)
       Intermediarios de seguros
       Otros seguros, N.E.C.

  • + Áreas de la solución

    Servicios financieros/Banca
       Plataforma de pagos empresariales (administración/pagos)
       Banca por Internet
       Banca principal
       Conformidad de normativas
       Gestión de riesgos y compatibilidad
       Soluciones automatizadas
          Cajeros automáticos
          Punto de ventas
       Servicios y sistemas de administración
       Seguros básicos

  • + Tamaño del cliente

    Empresa mediana (de 500 a 1000 empleados)
    Gran empresa (más de 1000 empleados)

  • + Idiomas admitidos

    Español; Castellano

  • + Países/regiones en los que se puede realizar la distribución

    Bolivia , Colombia , Costa Rica , Estados Unidos de América , México


Información técnica

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  • + Plataformas de hardware/SO

    Other Linux family
       IBM Systems: System x

  • + Software

    IBM Other
       Security Systems
          IBM Security Access Manager for Web
          IBM Security QRadar Log Manager
          IBM Security QRadar SIEM
          Tivoli Directory Integrator

  • + Dispositivos de almacenamiento

    Redes de área de almacenamiento IBM (hardware)

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