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Fasoo Secure Node (FSN) is a solution that persistently secures sensitive documents created, used, and stored on the PC that are not safeguarded by the ACL of repositories. FSN packages or encrypts documents when users are creating new documents or editing plain documents on their PC. Security policies and permissions on those documents can be set by user, group, rank or role. FSN can easily be deployed after synchronizing with existing authentication system, or without any integration. All file and user activities are traced and audited in real-time.

Business information

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  • + Functional details

    - Automatically encrypts every document created and used on the PC and protect it throughout the entire document lifecycle. - Implement granular control over encrypted documents with detailed permissions to document, such as view, edit, screen capture, decrypt, and print. - Apply security policy selectively according to user, group, department based on the confidential level of the encrypted documents. - Apply automatic encryption to designated applications such as Microsoft Office, CAD applications, image tools, etc. - Track all file and user activities through logs which are automatically collected on the PC. - Offer offline user authentication to handle exceptional cases.

  • + Competitive advantage

    - Encrypt all PC files automatically - Grant granular user permissions - Protect sensitive files on a lost PC - Prevent intentional or accidental file disclosure - Extend information security to all corporate files

  • + Industries

    Banking Industry
    Education Industry
    Financial Markets Industry
    Government Central/Federal industry
    Government, State/Provincial/Local Industry
    Healthcare Industry
    Professional Services Industry

  • + Customer size

    Very Small Business (Less than 50 employees)
    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • + Languages supported


  • + Countries/regions available for distribution

    United States

    Indonesia , Japan , Korea, Republic of , Singapore , Thailand

    United Kingdom

Technical information

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  • + Hardware/OS platforms

    AIX 5.2
       Other non-IBM servers
       Other non-IBM servers
    Solaris (SUN)
       Other non-IBM servers
    Windows Server 2003
       IBM BladeCenter HSxx (Intel processor-based)
    Windows Server 2008 (inclusive)
       IBM BladeCenter HSxx (Intel processor-based)

Date last modified:    Mar 13, 2013

Contact information

David Kwag

Company, Inc.
Mapo-gu WorldCupbuk-ro 396
(Sangam-dong, Nuritkum Square Business Tower 17th Fl.)
Seoul, Seoul Teugbyeolsi 121-795
Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

+82 2 3009125

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