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VNS3 Datacenter Connect 3.0

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VNS3 - provides software defined networking capabilities to allow users to control addressing, topology, protocols and encrypted communications for their business applications.

Now in its 3.0 version, VNS3 is the leading application-controlled SDN product on the market, meaning that enterprises can use the security and control features of VNS3 from their application layer rather than the virtual or physical infrastructure layers.

VNS3 works as a hybrid device: it acts as virtual routers, virtual switches, SSL VPN concentrators, IPSec VPN concentrators, firewalls, and protocol re-distributors. The VNS3 managers are configurable in a mesh.

VNS3 can be used to run key business computing topologies that have been moved to a cloud, but need secure access to the corporate datacenter. They can be used to provision development infrastructure on the fly - allowing "N" identical copies of virtual servers to be run simultaneously - identical down to its IP address. Integrating with existing edge and DMZ equipment like IPSec extranet boxes, intrusion prevention, intrusion detection and stateful inspection.

VNS3 doesn't require new knowledge or training to implement. Enterprise application topologies can be easily deployed in a controlled global network, accessible by staff, customers and partners alike, all under the application owner's control.

VNS3 creates an overlay network that gives SmartCloud users control of addressing, topology, protocols, and encrypted communications for SmartCloud users’ devices deployed to virtual infrastructure or cloud computing centers. VNS3 gives SmartCloud users flexibility with control in any third party environments.

Business information

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  • Functional details

    *VNS3 works as a hybrid device that acts as virtual routers, switches, SSL VPN concentrators, IPSec VPN concentrators, firewalls, and protocol re-distributors.

    *VNS3 Managers act as tunnel endpoints for extending datacenter LAN to SCE and between cloud regions and data centers.

    *VNS3 overlay network provides control over: static addressing for cloud devices; topology control by using VNS3 managers as virtual switches, virtual bridges or virtual routers; popular enterprise protocols like UDP Multicast for service discovery; encrypted communications between all devices in the cloud; and encrypted communications to cloud using existing extranet infrastructure.

  • Business problem

    VNS3 addresses SmartCloud customers’ concerns of: security, connectivity, cloud federation, multicast protocols, IPsec encryption, managing multiple IPsec gateways, using existing software, data centers, and monitoring tools in public or private cloud environments.

  • Business opportunity

    The software-defined networking feature of VNS3 gives SmartCloud users access, visibility and control from the application layer. Run key business computing topologies in the cloud with the required secure access to the corporate data center.

    VNS3 creates secure and encrypted VPN connections to your cloud deployment using standard IPsec tunnels. Enterprise IT can regain control of addressing, protocols and encrypted communications in SCE environments.

    VNS3's encrypted overlay network allows users to assign IPs and use cloud disabled protocols (e.g. UDP Multicast) required for deployment. VNS3 allows customers to achieve cloud network mobility and agility by extending connectivity to a cloud VNS3 deployment or multiple VNS3 deployments across data centers or cloud regions.

    VNS3 Managers are configurable in a mesh eliminating vendor lock-in and allowing for high availability, geographic distribution, and cloud federation. IBM® SmartCloud users can integrate VNS3 with existing edge and DMZ equipment like IPSsec extranet, intrusion prevention, IDS and stateful inspection devices. VNS3 requires no new knowledge or training to implement.

    VNS3 is a pay-as-you-go virtual network server that eliminates cloud networking risk. Meet compliance requirements with VNS3‘s ability to attest to security and control measures. Users can launch and configure in minutes using a REST API or web-based interface.

  • Competitive advantage

    VNS3 is the leading application-centric Software Defined Networking (SDN) product. Since its launch in 2008, VNS3 has been used to secure over 40 million virtual device hours in public and private clouds.

    VNS3 addresses pain points such as data encryption in third party environments, network privacy, and access and control from the enterprise and business application perspective.

    VNS3 is the only SDN product that offers both a highly available overlay network and site-to-site IPsec connectivity with end-to-end data in motion encryption.

    CohesiveFT is an IBM® Business Partner - Ready for SmartCloud Services. CohesiveFT was the first third-party server listed in the SCE catalog, and the trial version of VNS3 is still the most used in the catalog. CohesiveFT and VNS3 are vendor, application, OS, and script neutral.

  • Industries

    Banking Industry
    Computer Services Industry
    Cross Industry
    Professional Services Industry
    Telecommunications Industry

  • Solution areas

    Financial Services/Banking
       Risk management & compliance
       Network Infrastructure
    Cross industry
       Business Process Management and Integration
          Security and Disaster Recovery
       Computer Services
       Dynamic Infrastructure/Smarter Planet
       On Demand Operating Environment
       Pervasive and Wireless Computing
          Advanced Infrastructure
       Surveillance and security
          Application and Process Security
          Infrastructure Security
          Safety, Security and Privacy
          Security systems and operations

  • Customer size

    Very Small Business (Less than 50 employees)
    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • Languages supported


  • Countries/regions available for distribution

Technical information

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  • Hardware/OS platforms

    • Hardware

      IBM Cloud
      Non-IBM Hardware
         Cloud - Other

    • Operating systems

      Linux family
         Other Linux family
            Fedora Core
            Google Android
         Red Hat Enterprise Linux family
            RHEL 7.1 BE
            RHEL 7.1 LE
         SUSE Linux family
            Ubuntu 14 LE
            Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
            Ubuntu 14.10
            Ubuntu 15 LE
      Other Operating Systems
         Other Operating System (Infrastructure as a Service)
         Other Operating System (Platform as a Service)
      Solaris (SUN)
      Windows family
         Windows 2000
            Windows 2000 Server (inclusive)
         Windows 7 family
         Windows 8 family
         Windows Server family
            Windows Server 2003
            Windows Server 2008 (inclusive)
            Windows Server 2012 (inclusive)

  • Services

    IBM Application Security Services
    IBM Managed Security Services (Cloud Computing)
    Network Services
    Professional Services

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