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Aviarc is the easiest, most certain and fastest way to get a great idea out of your head and designed and built as a user driven enterprise application. It’s a next generation 100% browser based, way to socialize business ideas, design ways to automate those ideas, then create user driven enterprise applications.  These can be deployed on any platform from mobile devices, through laptops and servers, private and public clouds such as IBM SCE to the largest mighty Z Series systems and redeployed at will.

Clients consistently characterize Aviarc as delivering complete certainty of outcome, backed up by the fastest time to value they have ever experienced.  The way of working is described as beyond Agile, user driven, creative, unconstrained.  Time to value is described as one week for every month of best practice Agile.  In some cases clients can design and deploy custom applications that exactly meet their needs at lower TCO than popular package solutions.

Aviarc solutions have been deployed in Financial Services, Education, High Security private and Public Sector organizations, Medical, Film and Manufacturing.

Aviarc is integrated with many IBM technologies, including WebSphere, Rational and Cast Iron.  It is also available via the SmartCloud Enterprise as well as on other popular public clouds.

Key words:  User driven, socialize, Requirements elicitation, APaaS, SaaS, web, cloud, agile, SOA, custom application development, WebSphere, Rational, Smart Cloud Enterprise

Business information

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  • + Functional details

    Aviarc is a unique requirements elicitation and application development suite that runs natively in the Cloud. Agnostic of OS, platform and browser, Aviarc is built on mainstream technologies (e.g. the underlying code is Java). It exploits many patent, groundbreaking, technologies such as Aviarc Drawingboard and the Temporal Software Engine. The impact on ease of imagining business solutions, designing ways to automate them, development, testing, support and deployment are profound. Aviarc exploits a range of unique breakthroughs that allow the complex software development process to merge with requirements gathering, becoming visual and intuitive.

  • + Business problem

    Aviarc addresses many problems:

    • The need for certainty of outcome in critical projects,
    • Early visibility of an application's look, feel, behavior and execution,
    • Creative collaboration between users and IT,
    • Application backlog removal,
    • BPM and cloud application opportunities,
    • Rapid application renewal,
    • Obviate situational apps,
    • Extreme flexibility of deployment - private, hybrid, public cloud.

  • + Business opportunity

    For the ISV:  Aviarc is the ideal way to extend your offering into socialization, mobile, cloud and SaaS capability - either to create new value, to extend the life of your core software asset or as the first step in exploiting Aviarc to renew your solution to take advantage of the compelling TCO of Aviarc and be end to end future proofed.

    For the CIO, architect and software professional: Radically accelerate application development cycles, build corridors of close cooperation with LOBs, remove the need for shadow IT, rapidly reduce application backlogs, drive down application TCO, meet legislated deadlines, exploit IBM cloud, address challenges of scalability, business continuity, portability.  Use Aviarc to implement private, hybrid and public cloud solutions.  Deliver successful software projects to the business.  Use Aviarc to leverage value from SOA investment.  Use Aviarc to lower the barrier to adoption of and create early returns from BPM.

    For the line of business manager: collaborate closely with IT to rapidly implement an Agility/Innovation center, producing compelling ROI on business process improvements and tactical applications that drive competitive differentiation.  Exploit the flexibility and power of Aviarc to ensure successful collaboration with your IT services supplier and to tackle the application development backlog. Expect software development to keep pace with business needs.

  • + Return on investment

    • Aviarc applications have fully recover cost within three months of completion.  
    • Can be fixed cost/time to completion.
    • Substantially better ROI on every stage of app life cycle.
    • Radically speeds up conception phase with specification becoming part of application.
    • Lower cost of entry and start up for new applications projects.  
    • Eliminates shelf-ware and partial failures in software development.
    • Encourages very high reuse.
    • Suited to off-shoring parts of process.
    • Lowers support costs, through Temporal Engine and PINS patent technologies.
    • Deployment, redeployment, scaling, disaster recovery radically lower costs, through browser, cloud and patent technologies.

  • + Competitive advantage

    The fastest, most intuitive, visual and social way to get a great idea out of your head, designed and automated as an enterprise software solution - on or off the cloud, mobile to mainframe.

    Delivering unmatched, visual and simple to understand certainty of outcome, then unmatchable time to value.

    Complements IBM middleware, cloud and platform offerings with well considered points of integration to extend enterprise IT capabilities further than ever before into the line of business and the client executive team.

    Aviarc greatly improves efficiency and success rates in distributed and off shored development programs and can also be used in conjunction with BPM and Program Management tools.

  • + Industries

    Aerospace & Defense Industry
    Banking Industry
       Banking - Global Customer Management
    Computer Services Industry
       Prepackaged Software
       System Integration
    Education Industry
       Higher Education
    Energy & Utilities Industry
    Financial Markets Industry
       Financial Markets - Global Customer Management
    Government Central/Federal industry
       Defense and National Security
       Environ., Transp. & Pub. Works
       Finance and Administration
       Public Safety and Justice
    Government, State/Provincial/Local Industry
       Fin. & Admin, State/Prov./Reg.
       PS & Justice, State/Prov./Reg.
    Healthcare Industry
    Insurance Industry
       Insurance Carriers - Life & Asset Management (L&AM)
       Insurance Carriers - Property & Casualty (P&C)
       Insurance Intermediaries
       Other Insurance, N.E.C.
    Media & Entertainment Industry
    Professional Services Industry
    Retail Industry
       Retail - Direct Marketing
       Retail - Specialty
    Travel & Transportation Industry
    Wholesale Distribution & Services Industry

  • + Solution areas

    Aerospace & Defense
       Integrated Production and Supply
       Administration Information Systems
       Student Information Systems
    Energy and Utilities
       Asset Management
    Financial Markets
       Business Efficiency
    Financial Services/Banking
       Customer sales & service
       Internet Banking
       Operations & Processing
       Case Management
       Finance and Administration
       Record Management
       Regulatory Compliance
       Safety, Security & Privacy
       Tracking Management
       Transportation Management
    Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
       Administrative Systems
       Patient Care and Services
       Payer Transaction Services
       Physician Office Automation
          Clinical information systems
    Media and Entertainment
       Self- Service solutions
    Cross industry
       Business Intelligence
          Financial Analysis
       Business Process Management and Integration
          Inventory/Warehouse and Shipping Mgmt
       Computer Services
          Systems Management
       Customer Relationship Management
          Contact Center Optimization
          Field Services Effectiveness
          Direct Customer Access
          Internet Selling: Business to Business
          Internet Selling: Business to Consumer
          Internet Services
          Subscriber management
       e-Mail Messaging and Collaboration
       Emerging Technologies
       Enterprise Resource Planning (a.k.a. Enterprise Application Systems (EAS)
          Customer Relationship Management Extensions
          Supply Chain Management Extensions
       Human Capital Management
          Knowledge & Collaboration
       Product Lifecycle Management
          Engineering and Analysis
          Product Data Management and Collaboration
          Product Lifecycle Express
          Service After Sales
       Surveillance and security
          Safety, Security and Privacy
          Security systems and operations
          User Identification
       System and data management
          Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • + Customer size

    Very Small Business (Less than 50 employees)
    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • + Languages supported


  • + Countries/regions available for distribution

    Algeria , Angola , Benin , Botswana , Bouvet Island , Burkina Faso , Burundi , Cameroon , Cape Verde , Central African Republic , Chad , Comoros , Congo , Congo, The Democratic Republic of the , Côte d'Ivoire , Djibouti , Equatorial Guinea , Eritrea , Ethiopia , Gabon , Gambia , Ghana , Guinea , Guinea-Bissau , Kenya , Lesotho , Liberia , Madagascar , Malawi , Mali , Mauritania , Mauritius , Mayotte , Morocco , Mozambique , Namibia , Niger , Nigeria , Rwanda , Réunion , Senegal , Seychelles , Sierra Leone , Somalia , South Africa , Swaziland , São Tome and Principe , Tanzania, United Republic of , Togo , Tunisia , Uganda , Western Sahara , Zambia , Zimbabwe

    Anguilla , Antigua and Barbuda , Argentina , Aruba , Bahamas , Barbados , Belize , Bermuda , Bolivia , Brazil , Canada , Cayman Islands , Chile , Colombia , Costa Rica , Dominica , Dominican Republic , Ecuador , El Salvador , Falkland Islands (Malvinas) , French Guiana , Greenland , Grenada , Guadeloupe , Guatemala , Guyana , Haiti , Honduras , Jamaica , Martinique , Mexico , Montserrat , Netherlands Antilles , Nicaragua , Panama , Paraguay , Peru , Puerto Rico , Saint Kitts and Nevis , Saint Lucia , Saint Pierre and Miquelon , Saint Vincent and the Grenadines , South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands , Suriname , Trinidad and Tobago , Turks and Caicos Islands , United States , Uruguay , Venezuela , Virgin Islands, British , Virgin Islands, U.S.

    American Samoa , Australia , Azerbaijan , Bangladesh , Bhutan , British Indian Ocean Territory , Brunei Darussalam , Cambodia , China , Christmas Island , Cocos (Keeling) Islands , Cook Islands , Fiji , French Polynesia , Guam , Hong Kong S.A.R. of China , India , Indonesia , Japan , Kazakhstan , Kiribati , Korea, Republic of , Kyrgyzstan , Lao People's Democratic Republic , Macao S.A.R. of China , Malaysia , Marshall Islands , Micronesia, Federated States of , Mongolia , Myanmar , Nepal , New Caledonia , New Zealand , Norfolk Island , Northern Mariana Islands , Palau , Papua New Guinea , Philippines , Samoa , Singapore , Sri Lanka , Taiwan , Tajikistan , Thailand , Timor-Leste , Turkmenistan , Viet Nam

    Åland Islands , Albania , Andorra , Armenia , Austria , Belarus , Belgium , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bulgaria , Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Estonia , Faroe Islands , Finland , France , Georgia , Germany , Gibraltar , Greece , Holy See (Vatican City State) , Hungary , Iceland , Ireland , Italy , Latvia , Liechtenstein , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of , Malta , Moldova, Republic of , Monaco , Montenegro , Netherlands , Norway , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Russian Federation , San Marino , Serbia , Slovakia , Slovenia , Spain , Svalbard and Jan Mayen , Sweden , Switzerland , Turkey , Ukraine , United Kingdom , Uzbekistan

    Afghanistan , Bahrain , Egypt , Iraq , Israel , Jordan , Kuwait , Lebanon , Oman , Pakistan , Palestinian Territory, Occupied , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates , Yemen

    Antarctica , French Southern Territories , Heard Island and McDonald Islands , Maldives , Nauru , Niue , Pitcairn , Saint Helena , Solomon Islands , Tokelau , Tonga , Tuvalu , United States Minor Outlying Islands , Vanuatu , Wallis and Futuna

Technical information

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  • + Hardware/OS platforms

    Solaris (SUN)
       Sun Microsystems servers
    UNIX family
       Other non-IBM servers
    AIX 6.1
       IBM Systems: Power
       IBM Systems: System z
       System x
       IBM Systems: Power
       IBM Systems: System z
       System x
       IBM Systems: Power
    Windows Server 2008 (inclusive)
       System x
       IBM Systems: System z
       System x
       IBM Systems: Power
    AIX 7.1
       IBM Systems: Power
       IBM Systems: System z
       System x
       IBM Systems: Power

  • + Services

    Application Enabling Services
    Business Solutions: Application Innovation
    Custom Systems Integration Services
    e-business Services
    Professional Services
    Services: Application Implementation
    Services: Application Management
    Services: Custom Application Development
    Services: Integration
    Services: Outsourcing
    Small & Medium Business Solutions
    Other Services

  • + Software

    IBM Information Management
       Information Management
          DB2 Enterprise Server Edition
          DB2 Express Edition
          DB2 for i
          DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows
          DB2 for z/OS
          DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Server Edition
    IBM Other
       Other Software
    IBM Rational
          Rational Team Concert
    IBM WebSphere
          WebSphere Application Server
          WebSphere Application Server - Express
          WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
          WebSphere Application Server for z/OS
          WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition
          WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
          Workload Deployer
    Non-IBM Software
       Other Relational Databases Products

  • + Storage devices

    Network Attached Storage
       IBM System Storage N series

Date last modified:    Jun 21, 2013


Contact information

John Boon, Head of Markets
+64 4 801 2250


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Level 1, NZX Centre
11 Cable Street
Wellington, Wellington 6011
New Zealand

+64 4 801

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