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CA Telon®

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CA Telon is an application development system that enables you to capture design information and generate COBOL, COBOL II, and PL/I programs.

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CA Telon is an application development system that enables you to capture design information and generate COBOL, COBOL II, and PL/I programs.

CA Telon enables you to build and thoroughly test complex application development systems in your standardized language, thereby accelerating the development process. An automated prototyping facility assists in the analysis and design phases of the development life cycle.

CA Telon provides high-level, non-procedural design and prototyping, combined with automatic code generation, resulting in higher productivity, consistent standards and good programming practices. CA Telon provides a "fill-in-the-blank" approach for designing online and batch programs. CA Telon generates structured portable code for a multitude of target environments and DBMSs and is currently available for Windows and z/OS®.

Business information

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  • + Functional details

    CA Telon speeds the development and maintenance of COBOL and PL/I applications so that IT can be more responsive to the needs of the business. It supports CA’s Enterprise IT Management vision to unify and simplify IT management by simplifying the development of even the most complex batch or online programs.

    CA Telon provides a straightforward approach to meet these stringent challenges by providing a robust solution for designing, generating, and maintaining COBOL and PL/I applications.

  • + Competitive advantage

    CA Telon is a robust solution for designing, generating and maintaining COBOL and PL/I applications. It features a comprehensive modeling/prototyping facility that allows developers to transform design level information into a working model that evolves into the production application system. With the use of this powerful application development tool, developers can design, build and maintain systems through high-level design specifications, reducing coding requirements and enhancing the time and talent devoted to the business considerations of the application. Moreover, a Windows-based option, CA Telon PWS Option, enables developers to work in a GUI environment and supports LAN-based development under supported Windows operating systems.

  • + Industries

    Cross Industry

  • + Solution areas

    Cross industry

  • + Customer size

    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • + Languages supported


  • + Countries/regions available for distribution

    Antarctica , French Southern Territories , Heard Island and McDonald Islands , Maldives , Nauru , Niue , Pitcairn , Saint Helena , Solomon Islands , Tokelau , Tonga , Tuvalu , United States Minor Outlying Islands , Vanuatu , Wallis and Futuna

Technical information

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  • + Hardware/OS platforms

    Windows XP family
       Other non-IBM servers
    Windows Server 2008 (inclusive)
       IBM BladeCenter HSxx (Intel processor-based)
    z/OS 1.11
       IBM Systems: System z
    z/OS 1.12
       IBM Systems: System z
    z/OS 1.13
       IBM Systems: System z
    z/OS 2.1
       IBM Systems: System z

  • + Software

    IBM WebSphere
       CICS Family
          CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS

Date last modified:    Dec 13, 2013


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CA, Inc.
One CA Plaza
Islandia, NY 11749
United States

+1 800 2255224

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