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VisualStore is already available in several languages (Italian, German, French, English, Romenian, etc.) and can be easily translated into other languages thanks to the UNICODE implementation. Capabilities include a special store-in-store architecture for managing multiple stores within one location. VisualStore is very flexible, it provides a document formatter tool, a report generator to enable the creation of store-specific reports without development costs and a parameter definition area, where it is possible to enable/disable store options. Additionally, Software Development Kits are available for EFT, printer and loyalty systems integration. VisualStore comes standard with a flexible, rules-based promotions engine that helps retailers respond to on demand customer needs: special offers, loyalty points programs, discounts and other promotions can be set up and rolled out quickly and easily – without writing code. As a result, new marketing strategies can reach stores rapidly, helping retailers to maximize sales opportunities. The main components are the POS server which runs on a relational database (Oracle or DB2) and the POS terminal, even though an ALL-IN-ONE system is also available (POS Server and POS terminal running on the same machine). Its open platform offers retailers a choice between running Microsoft® Windows® XP, Linux IRES or DOS at the POS, and Linux IRES or Windows on the store server.

Informazioni commerciali

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  • + Settori

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       Vendita al dettaglio - Alimentari
       Vendita al dettaglio - Servizi alimentari
       Vendita al dettaglio - Novità

  • + Aree della soluzione

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       Servizio clienti
       Soluzioni self-service
          Chioschi elettronici, ATM
          Punti vendita
       Operazioni negozi

  • + Dimensione cliente

    Piccola Impresa (meno di 50 dipendenti)
    Media Impresa (da 50 a 99 dipendenti)
    Impresa Midmarket (da 100 a 499 dipendenti)
    Impresa Midmarket (da 500 a 1000 dipendenti)
    Impresa di dimensioni elevate (più di 1000 dipendenti)

  • + Lingue supportate

    Spagnolo; Castigliano

  • + Paesi/regioni disponibili per la distribuzione

Informazioni tecniche

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  • + Hardware/piattaforme SO

    IBM Retail Environment for SUSE Linux (IRES)
       SurePOS 500/600 Series
    Windows family
       SurePOS 500/600 Series
       IBM Systems: System x

  • + Servizi

    Servizi di supporto hardware e software
    Servizi per gestire transazioni elettroniche
    OutSourcing strategico
    Business Solutions: Customer Relationship Management
    Services: Application Management

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