The Intelligent Mail Barcode Encoder, Decoder and fonts provide software support for the USPS initiative called Intelligent Mail. This initiative refers to an environment in which information about mail is captured and made available to organizations to favourably influence their business operations.

The Intelligent Mail Barcode Encoder allows mailing applications to generate a barcode to be printed on each mail piece to provide an information-rich source of information to enable end-to-end visibility into the mail stream. In conjunction with USPS services such as Confirm, the Intelligent Mail Barcode software allows for services such as confirmed delivery, mail tracking, and service quality statistics.

The Intelligent Mail Barcode Encoder is designed to be integrated with mailing applications to generate an appropriate barcode based on information provided by the underlying applications.

The function of the Decoder provides a method of extracting the original mailer information from the Intelligent Mail barcode string.

The Intelligent Mail Barcode Encoder and Decoder is supported on a variety of platforms, including z/OS, VSE, OS/400, AIX, zLinux, Linux on pSeries,Linux on Intel, HP/UX, Solaris and Windows. Fonts are provided for a variety of printer architectures, including AFP, PCL, PostScript, Metacode and TrueType.

Business information

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  • Functional details

    The Intelligent Mail Barcode Encoder with Decoder function is designed to be integrated into mailing applications. The software is a callable service which takes input provided by the customer including addressing and tracking information and provides an encoded bar code.

    The barcode when printed with one of the supplied fonts allows a variety of value added solutions to be implemented. Implementation of the Intelligent Mail barcodes can reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of mail-related applications.  The Decoder function gives the ability to extract the original mailer information from an encoded Intelligent Mail barcode string.

  • Business problem

    Now that the Intelligent Mail barcode has replaced Postnet, mailers require a software package to generate a barcode for each mailed item.  For large mailers, the USPS only provides volume discounts if the mail pieces have been encoded with Intelligent Mail barcodes.  The cost of implementing the Intelligent Mail barcode solution is more than compensated for by the savings in available USPS discounts.

  • Business opportunity

    A number of value-added services provided by USPS currently require implementation of the Intelligent Mail barcode for large volume mailing applications. Use of the Intelligent Mail barcodes can improve the efficiency of mailing applications. The benefits have been shown to  include faster mail delivery, improved mail tracking information, and lower costs. 

  • Return on investment

    The implementation of the Intelligent Mail Encoder and fonts can reduce the costs of mailing and improve the speed of mail delivery.

    Implementation of the Encoder and fonts can be done through a number of application program interface calls providing the information required for the barcode. The implementation process can be done quickly, with full documentation and sample code provided with the package. The encoding algorithm is highly efficient and can be used in both batch and online environments.

  • Competitive advantage

    When implemented in mailing applications, the Intelligent Mail Encoder and fonts package provides significantly more efficient mail handling and processing.

    Appropriate use of the Intelligent Mail barcode can allow for end-to-end tracking of mail pieces through the postal system to provide a wide variety of benefits to mailers.

  • Industries

    Cross Industry
    Government Central/Federal industry

  • Solution areas

    Cross industry
       Business Intelligence
       Business Process Management and Integration
          Business Operations
          Production/Ops and Logistics

  • Customer size

    Very Small Business (Less than 50 employees)
    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • Languages supported


  • Countries/regions available for distribution

    United States

Technical information

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  • Hardware/OS platforms

       Hewlett-Packard servers (incl. Compaq)
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux family
       System x
    Solaris (SUN)
       Sun Microsystems servers
       IBM Systems: z Systems
    Windows 2000
       Desktops and Notebooks (all brands, including ThinkPad/ThinkCentre PCs by Lenovo)
    Windows Server 2003
       Dell servers
       System x
    z/OS 1.5 and earlier
       IBM Systems: z Systems
    OS/390 (R10-R6)
       IBM Systems: z Systems
    AIX 6.1
       IBM Systems: Power
       IBM Systems: z Systems
    z/OS 1.9
       IBM Systems: z Systems
    IBM i 6.1
       IBM Systems: Power
    Windows Server 2008 (inclusive)
       System x
    z/OS 1.12
       IBM Systems: z Systems
    z/OS 1.13
       IBM Systems: z Systems
    z/OS 2.1
       IBM Systems: z Systems
    Windows Server 2012 (inclusive)
       IBM PureSystems: PureFlex System and Flex System
    Windows 7 family
       Non-IBM Hardware

  • Software

    IBM Other
       Other Software
          Debug Tool for z/OS
    IBM Rational
          COBOL for OS/390 & VM
          COBOL for VSE/ESA
          Enterprise COBOL for z/OS
          Enterprise PL/I for z/OS
          PL/I for MVS & VM
          PL/I for VSE
          z/OS XL C/C++
       SCLM Family
          SCLM for z/OS
    IBM WebSphere
       CICS Family
          CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V4.2
          CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V5.1
          WebSphere Application Server
          WebSphere Application Server - Express
          WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

  • Storage devices

    Disk Storage Systems
       IBM System Storage DS300/DS400
       IBM System Storage DS5000 family

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