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OpenPro ERP Accounts Receivables


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OpenPro ERP Accounts Receivables

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Accounts Receivables Module for financials OpenPro ERP is a web based complete ERP software package that is using open architecture that is now enabled on IBM PureSystems. It includes Financials, Supply Chain Distribution, Customer Relationship Management, E-commerce, Work Flow, Knowledge base, Document Imaging and Manufacturing.

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Technical validations

Ready for IBM Power Systems Software

Ready for IBM Power Systems Software
OS & Integration

The Accounts Receivables module is a flexible, open item system. It is used to record sales and monitor customer payments and includes a customer master file.

Business information

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  • + Functional details

    • Custom File
    • Sales Transactions
    • Invoices
    • Payments
    • Bank Deposits
    • Reports

  • + Business problem

    Full Accounts Receivable capabilities with added features.

    See our website or send us an e-mail for additional information.

  • + Business opportunity

    Sales Transactions: allows interactive entry, editing and posting of sales and credit memos.

    Invoices:Accounts Receivables prints invoices and customer statements.

    Payments: An invoice is held open until the payment is applied. In this way it is easy to track payment history and keep disputed charges visible. when recording customer payments, all of the outstanding invoices are displayed. When payment is received it is then applied to the appropriate invoices.

    Bank Deposits: All cash transactions entered individually can be grouped to match deposits made to the bank. The bank deposit entries are used in preparing the bank recs reports in the accounts payable module.

    Reports: The accounts receivable aging report may be printed on the request for all or selected customers. Other reports are available which list both invoice amount and payments, inventory items, fee schedule being used and selected cash receipts by customers.

    Customer File, An unlimited number of customer records can be maintained. Each customer is identified by a 15 digit alphanumeric code. In addition to the usual customer number, name and address, the file contains last payment amount and date, the discount and account balance information.

    When a customer discount is entered on the customer master record, it is automatically calculated when sales are recorded. Customer pricing information is also entered on the customer master record.

  • + Return on investment

    6-9 months

  • + Competitive advantage

    OpenPro ERP is a web based complete ERP software package that is using open architecture that is now enabled on IBM PureSystems. It includes Financials, Supply Chain Distribution, Customer Relationship Management, E-commerce, Work Flow, Knowledge base, Document Imaging and Manufacturing.

  • + Industries

    Aerospace & Defense Industry
       Ship Building
    Automotive Industry
       Automotive OEMs (Manuf of Cars, Light Trucks, Motorbikes)
       Automotive Suppliers
       Distributors, Importers, Retailers
       Heavy Equipment
    Banking Industry
       Banking - Global Customer Management
       Banking - Other
    Chemicals & Petroleum Industry
       Chemicals & Life Sciences
    Computer Services Industry
       Business Recovery Services
       Computer Leasing and Rental
       Computer Maintenance & Services
       DP Education
       Prepackaged Software
       System Integration
    Consumer Products Industry
       CP - Beverages & Tobacco
       CP - Food Manufacturing
       CP - General Processing
       CP - Household / Health & Beauty
    Education Industry
       Basic/Secondary Education
       Higher Education
    Electronics Industry
       Technology Systems and Microelectronics
    Energy & Utilities Industry
       Combo Electric/Gas
       Electric and Gas Energy Services Traders
    Financial Markets Industry
       Financial Markets - Global Customer Management
       Financial Markets - Other
    Government Central/Federal industry
       Defense and National Security
       Environ., Transp. & Pub. Works
       Finance and Administration
       Public Safety and Justice
       Social Services
    Government, State/Provincial/Local Industry
       Env/Trans/PubWrks, City/Mun.
       Env/Trans/PubWrks, County/Shire
       Env/Trans/PubWrks, Spec. Dist.
       Env/Trans/PubWrks, State/Prov.
       Fin. & Admin, City/Municipal
       Fin. & Admin, County/Shire
       Fin. & Admin, Special District
       Fin. & Admin, State/Prov./Reg.
       Other Government
       PS & Justice, City/Municipal
       PS & Justice, County/Shire
       PS & Justice, Special District
       PS & Justice, State/Prov./Reg.
       Soc. Services, City/Municipal
       Soc. Services, County/Shire
       Soc. Services, State/Prov/Reg.
    Healthcare Industry
       Alternate Healthcare
       Healthcare Other
       Health Plans / Payors
       Integrated Healthcare Systems / Hospitals
       Physicians / Clinics
    Industrial Products Industry
       Fabrication & Assembly
       Forest Products
       Other Process
    Insurance Industry
       Insurance Carriers - Life & Asset Management (L&AM)
       Insurance Carriers - Property & Casualty (P&C)
       Insurance Intermediaries
       Other Insurance, N.E.C.
    Life Sciences Industry
    Media & Entertainment Industry
       Printing & Publishing
    Professional Services Industry
       Business Services
       Legal Services
       Management Consulting
       Marketing & Public Opinion Research
    Retail Industry
       Retail - Apparel Manufacturing
       Retail - Department Stores
       Retail - Direct Marketing
       Retail - Retail Food
       Retail - Food Services
       Retail - Hard Goods
       Retail - Mass Merchants
       Retail - Pharmacy/Drug
       Retail - Specialty
    Telecommunications Industry
    Travel & Transportation Industry
       Car Rental
       Freight Airlines
       Freight Forwarders & Arrangers
       Freight Services
       Global Dist. Systems / CRS
       Passenger Airlines
       Passenger Water Transportation
       Post Operations
       Tour Operations and Arrangers
       Travel Agencies
       Urban Transportation
    Wholesale Distribution & Services Industry
       Wholesale - Food/Food Svc/Drug
       Wholesale - General Trading Co.
       Wholesale - Non-Durables
       Wholesale - Durables
       Wholesale - Services

  • + Solution areas

    Aerospace & Defense
       Integrated Production and Supply
       Program Management
       Service Lifecycle Management
       Design and Development
       Embedded Device Lifecycle Management
       Marketing, Sales and Service
       Pervasive Computing/In-Vehicle
    Chemicals and Petroleum
       Demand Management
       Production management
       Value chain management
    Consumer Products
       Brand Innovation
       Merchandise management and inventory control
       Product Packaging
       Wholesale systems
       Administration Information Systems
       IT Infrastructure and Services
       Research & Collaboration
       Student Information Systems
       Teacher Information and Content Systems
       Production Management
       Sales and Service
       Value Chain Management
    Energy and Utilities
       Asset Management
       Generation Solutions
       Infrastructure and Systems Management
       Network Transformation
       Strategic Outsourcing
       Wholesaling and Risk Management
    Financial Markets
       Business Efficiency
    Financial Services/Banking
       Automated Solutions
          Point of Sales
       Branch Transformation
       Core Banking
       Core Systems Transformation
       Customer Insight
       Customer sales & service
       Infrastructure and Support Services
       Internet Banking
       Marketing insights & analytics
       Multichannel Transformation
       Operations & Processing
       Product Manufacturing
       Regulatory Compliance
       Risk management & compliance
       Case Management
       Finance and Administration
       Multichannel Distribution
       Record Management
       Regulatory Compliance
       Safety, Security & Privacy
       Security & Surveillance
       Tracking Management
       Transportation Management
    Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
       Administrative Systems
       Clinical Care
       Finance and Accounting
       High Performance Computing
       Medical Imaging
       Operations and Regulations
       Patient Care and Services
       Payer Transaction Services
       Physician Office Automation
          Claims administration
          Clinical information systems
          Computerized physician order entry
          Health information systems
       Picture Archival and Communication Systems
       Administration Systems and Services
          Claims Administration
          Policy Administration
       Agent Management
       Core Insurance
       Insurance distribution and services
    Life Sciences
       Clinical Genomics
       Drug Development
       Drug Discovery
       Life Sciences Research and Development
       Medical Imaging
       Regulatory and Compliance
    Media and Entertainment
       Business Transformation
       Infrastructure Systems and Management
       Customer Service
       Retail Sell-thru Bundles
          Merchant Reach
       Sales Management
       Self- Service solutions
          Kiosks, ATMs
          Point of Sale
       Store Operations
       Internet Data Center
       IP Telephony
       Network Infrastructure
       Network Management
       Network Operations
          Transmission and Distribution
       Resource Systems and Management
       Service Management
    Travel and Transportation
       Airline Operations
       Airport Operations
       Corporate travel
       Demand Management
       Infrastructure Systems
       Security operations
       Sell-thru Bundles
          Track and Trace
          Trip Works
       Travel services: business
       Travel services: consumer
    Wholesale Distribution
       Business management systems
    Cross industry
       Business Continuity
       Business Intelligence
          Data Mining
          Data Warehousing
          Financial Analysis
          Fraud Management
          Relationship Marketing
          Sales Analysis
          Text Mining and Analysis
       Business Process Management and Integration
          Business Operations
          Employee Services
          Inventory/Warehouse and Shipping Mgmt
          Production/Ops and Logistics
          Security and Disaster Recovery
       Computer Services
          Capacity Planning
          Host management
          Systems Management
       Customer Relationship Management
          Contact Center Optimization
          Field Services Effectiveness
          Marketing and Customer Intelligence
          Sales Productivity
       Digital Media
          Create Digital Media
          Distribute Digital Media
          Manage Digital Media
       Document Management
          Case Management
          Decision Support System
          Document Imaging
          Document Management/Processing
          Billing Systems
          Direct Customer Access
          Infrastructure Systems and Management
          Internet Selling: Business to Business
          Internet Selling: Business to Consumer
          Internet Services
          Subscriber management
       e-Mail Messaging and Collaboration
          E-mail Communications
          Team Management
       Enterprise Resource Planning (a.k.a. Enterprise Application Systems (EAS)
          Business to Business Extensions
          Core Enterprise Resource Planning
          Customer Relationship Management Extensions
          Enterprise Resource Services
          Supply Chain Management Extensions
       Knowledge Management
          Collaborative learning
          Experience based learning
          Interactive learning systems
          Performance support systems
       On Demand Operating Environment
          Flexible Financial & Delivery Offerings
          Information and data integration
          People integration
          Process integration
       On Demand Workplace
          Enterprise Portal
       Pervasive and Wireless Computing
          Advanced Infrastructure
          Consumer Services Enablement
          Operational Effectiveness
          Wireless Sell-through Bundles
          Workforce Mobility
       Product Lifecycle Management
          Engineering and Analysis
          Product Data Management and Collaboration
          Product Lifecycle Express
          Service After Sales
       Professional Services
          Billing management and services
          Legal Services
          Practice Management
       Science and Technology
          Data Management
          Research and Development
       Supply Chain Management
          Asset Management
          Business -to- Business Buy Side
          Business -to- Business Sell Side
          Supply Chain Execution
          Supply Chain Planning
          Supply Chain Management Services
          Trader partner collaboration
          Value Chain management
          Warehouse management
       Surveillance and security
          Safety, Security and Privacy
          Security event management
          Security systems and operations
          User Identification
       System and data management
          Data Handling
          Data Protection and Recovery
          Global Storage Solutions

  • + Customer size

    Very Small Business (Less than 50 employees)
    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • + Languages supported

    Chinese (Simplified)
    Chinese (Traditional)
    Spanish; Castilian

  • + Countries/regions available for distribution

    Algeria , Angola , Benin , Botswana , Bouvet Island , Burkina Faso , Burundi , Cameroon , Cape Verde , Central African Republic , Chad , Comoros , Congo , Congo, The Democratic Republic of the , Côte d'Ivoire , Djibouti , Equatorial Guinea , Eritrea , Ethiopia , Gabon , Gambia , Ghana , Guinea , Guinea-Bissau , Kenya , Lesotho , Liberia , Madagascar , Malawi , Mali , Mauritania , Mauritius , Mayotte , Morocco , Mozambique , Namibia , Niger , Nigeria , Rwanda , Réunion , Senegal , Seychelles , Sierra Leone , Somalia , South Africa , Swaziland , São Tome and Principe , Tanzania, United Republic of , Togo , Tunisia , Uganda , Western Sahara , Zambia , Zimbabwe

    Anguilla , Antigua and Barbuda , Argentina , Aruba , Bahamas , Barbados , Belize , Bermuda , Bolivia , Brazil , Canada , Cayman Islands , Chile , Colombia , Costa Rica , Dominica , Dominican Republic , Ecuador , El Salvador , Falkland Islands (Malvinas) , French Guiana , Greenland , Grenada , Guadeloupe , Guatemala , Guyana , Haiti , Honduras , Jamaica , Martinique , Mexico , Montserrat , Netherlands Antilles , Nicaragua , Panama , Paraguay , Peru , Puerto Rico , Saint Kitts and Nevis , Saint Lucia , Saint Pierre and Miquelon , Saint Vincent and the Grenadines , South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands , Suriname , Trinidad and Tobago , Turks and Caicos Islands , United States , Uruguay , Venezuela , Virgin Islands, British , Virgin Islands, U.S.

    American Samoa , Australia , Azerbaijan , Bangladesh , Bhutan , British Indian Ocean Territory , Brunei Darussalam , Cambodia , China , Christmas Island , Cocos (Keeling) Islands , Cook Islands , Fiji , French Polynesia , Guam , Hong Kong S.A.R. of China , India , Indonesia , Japan , Kazakhstan , Kiribati , Korea, Republic of , Kyrgyzstan , Lao People's Democratic Republic , Macao S.A.R. of China , Malaysia , Marshall Islands , Micronesia, Federated States of , Mongolia , Nepal , New Caledonia , New Zealand , Norfolk Island , Northern Mariana Islands , Palau , Papua New Guinea , Philippines , Samoa , Singapore , Sri Lanka , Taiwan , Tajikistan , Thailand , Timor-Leste , Turkmenistan , Viet Nam

    Albania , Andorra , Armenia , Austria , Belarus , Belgium , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bulgaria , Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Estonia , Faroe Islands , Finland , France , Georgia , Germany , Gibraltar , Greece , Holy See (Vatican City State) , Hungary , Iceland , Ireland , Italy , Latvia , Liechtenstein , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of , Malta , Moldova, Republic of , Monaco , Netherlands , Norway , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Russian Federation , San Marino , Slovakia , Slovenia , Spain , Svalbard and Jan Mayen , Sweden , Switzerland , Turkey , Ukraine , United Kingdom , Uzbekistan

    Afghanistan , Bahrain , Egypt , Iraq , Israel , Jordan , Kuwait , Lebanon , Oman , Pakistan , Palestinian Territory, Occupied , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates , Yemen

    Antarctica , French Southern Territories , Heard Island and McDonald Islands , Maldives , Nauru , Niue , Pitcairn , Saint Helena , Solomon Islands , Tokelau , Tonga , Tuvalu , United States Minor Outlying Islands , Vanuatu , Wallis and Futuna

Technical information

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  • + Hardware/OS platforms

    Linux family
       Cluster 1350
       System Cluster 1600
       Handheld Devices (all brands)
       Desktops and Notebooks (all brands, including ThinkPad/ThinkCentre PCs by Lenovo)
       SurePOS 500/600 Series
       Thin Clients (all brands)
       Hewlett-Packard servers (incl. Compaq)
       Sequent servers
       Other non-IBM servers
       Fujitsu Siemens servers
       Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI) servers
       Sun Microsystems servers
       Unisys servers
       IBM BladeCenter JSxx (POWER processor-based)
       IBM BladeCenter LSxx (AMD processor-based)
       Dell servers
       IBM Systems: System z
       System x
       IBM Systems: System z
       System x
       IBM Systems: Power
    Other Linux family
       IBM Systems: System z
       System x
    SCO Group (SCO) family
       Thin Clients (all brands)
       Other non-IBM servers
       Fujitsu Siemens servers
    Windows family
       Handheld Devices (all brands)
       Desktops and Notebooks (all brands, including ThinkPad/ThinkCentre PCs by Lenovo)
       SurePOS 500/600 Series
       Thin Clients (all brands)
       Hewlett-Packard servers (incl. Compaq)
       Sequent servers
       Other non-IBM servers
       Fujitsu Siemens servers
       Sun Microsystems servers
       Unisys servers
       IBM BladeCenter HSxx (Intel processor-based)
       IBM BladeCenter LSxx (AMD processor-based)
       Dell servers
       System x
    Windows Server 2003
       Hewlett-Packard servers (incl. Compaq)
       Other non-IBM servers
       Fujitsu Siemens servers
       Sun Microsystems servers
       Dell servers
       System x
       IBM Systems: System z
       System x
    Linux (for handheld devices)
       Handheld Devices (all brands)
    AIX 6.1
       System Cluster 1600
       IBM BladeCenter JSxx (POWER processor-based)
       IBM Systems: Power
       IBM Systems: System z
       System x
       IBM Systems: Power
       IBM Systems: System z
       System x
       IBM Systems: Power
    IBM i 6.1
       IBM Systems: Power
    Windows Server 2008 (inclusive)
       IBM BladeCenter HSxx (Intel processor-based)
       System x
       Cluster 1350
       System Cluster 1600
       Thin Clients (all brands)
       Hewlett-Packard servers (incl. Compaq)
       IBM BladeCenter HSxx (Intel processor-based)
       IBM BladeCenter JSxx (POWER processor-based)
       IBM BladeCenter LSxx (AMD processor-based)
       Dell servers
       IBM Systems: System z
       System x
       IBM Systems: Power
    IBM i 7.1
       IBM Systems: Power
       IBM Systems: System z
       System x
       IBM Systems: Power
       IBM PureSystems: PureFlex System and Flex System

  • + Services

    Application Enabling Services
    Business Recovery Services
    Business Solutions: Application Innovation
    Business Solutions: Customer Relationship Management
    Business Solutions: Financial Management
    Business Solutions: Human Capital Management
    Business Solutions: Strategy & Change
    Business Solutions: Supply Chain Management
    Custom Systems Integration Services
    e-business Services
    Education & Training
    Geographic Specific
    Hardware & Software Support Services
    Industry Leadership Solutions
    Infrastructure Solutions: Pervasive & Wireless
    Infrastructure Solutions: Enterprise Security
    Infrastructure Solutions: Collaboration
    Infrastructure Solutions: Internet Technologies
    Infrastructure Solutions: Flexible Financial Delivery
    Infrastructure Solutions: Networking
    Infrastructure Solutions: Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
    Infrastructure Solutions: Systems Management & IT Optimization
    Infrastructure Solutions: Digital Media
    Infrastructure Solutions: Services Oriented Architecture & Web Services
    Managed Data Network Services
    Managed Electronic Transaction Services
    Managed Intranet & Internet Services
    Managed Messaging & Collaborative Services
    Managed Services: Application Hosting
    Managed Services: Facilities Hosting
    Managed Services: Managed Hosting
    Network Outsourcing Services
    Network Services
    OneWeb Internet Services
    Product Support Services
    Professional Services
    Services: Application Implementation
    Services: Application Management
    Services: Custom Application Development
    Services: Integration
    Services: Outsourcing
    Site & Connectivity Services
    Small & Medium Business Solutions
    Strategic OutSourcing
    Systems Management & Networking Services
    Total Systems Management Services
    Other Network Services
    Other Services

  • + Software

    IBM Collaboration Solutions
       Exceptional Digital Experience
          IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator
          IBM Workplace Collaborative Learning
          WebSphere Portal Enable for z/OS
       Messaging and Collaboration
          IBM Lotus Workflow
    IBM Information Management
       Information Management
          DB2 Alphablox
          DB2 Connect Application Server Edition
          DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition
          DB2 Connect Personal Edition
          DB2 Everyplace
          DB2 Everyplace Enterprise Edition
          DB2 High Performance Unload for z/OS
          DB2 Office Connect Web Edition
          DB2 Query Patroller
          DB2 Server for VSE & VM
          Global Data Synchronization for WebSphere Product Center
          Informix C-ISAM
          Informix Extended Parallel Server
          Informix Standard Engine
          WebSphere Product Center
    IBM Other
       Enterprise Content Management
          CommonStore for Exchange Server
          CommonStore for Lotus Domino
          CommonStore for SAP
          Content Manager Enterprise Edition
          Content Manager for iSeries
          Content Manager for z/OS
          Content Manager OnDemand for i5/OS
          Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms
          Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS
          Content Manager VideoCharger
          DB2 ImagePlus for z/OS
       Financial Operations
          WebSphere Business Integration for Financial Networks
          WebSphere Business Integration for Healthcare Collaborative Network Gateway
       IBM REXX Family
          Compiler and Library for REXX on zSeries
       Office Product Family
          Application Support Facility
       Other Software
          Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS
          Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM
          Cloud 9 for SCLM for z/OS
          Communications Server for AIX
          Communications Server for Linux
          Communications Server for Linux on zSeries
          Communications Server for Windows
          Debug Tool for z/OS
          Fault Analyzer for z/OS
          File Manager for z/OS
          IBM Express Runtime
          ISPF Productivity Tool for z/OS
          Library Server for z/OS
          Mathematical Acceleration Subsystem
          Migration Utility for z/OS
          Tape Manager for z/VM
          Teleprocessing Network Simulator
          VTAM for VSE/ESA and VM/ESA
          Workload Simulator for z/OS and OS/390
          z/OS Communications Server
       Security Systems
          Tivoli Access Manager for Business Integration
          Tivoli Access Manager for e-business
          Tivoli Directory Integrator
          Tivoli Directory Server
          Tivoli Federated Identity Manager
          Tivoli Identity Manager
    IBM Rational
          Application Workload Modeler
          Breeze for SCLM for z/OS
          COBOL for AIX
          COBOL for OS/390 & VM
          COBOL for VSE/ESA
          Enhanced Access Control for SCLM for z/OS
          Enterprise COBOL for z/OS
          Enterprise PL/I for z/OS
          Host Access Client Package
          Personal Communications
          PL/I for AIX
          PL/I for MVS & VM
          PL/I for VSE
          Rational Ada Developer
          Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software
          Rational ClearCase
          Rational ClearQuest
          Rational Functional Tester
          Rational Manual Tester
          Rational Method Composer
          Rational Performance Tester
          Rational Performance Tester Extension for Siebel Test Automation
          Rational Performance Tester for z/OS
          Rational Portfolio Manager
          Rational Professional Bundle
          Rational Purify for Linux and UNIX
          Rational Purify for Windows
          Rational PurifyPlus Enterprise Edition
          Rational PurifyPlus for Linux and UNIX
          Rational PurifyPlus for Windows
          Rational RequisitePro
          Rational Robot
          Rational Rose Technical Developer
          Rational Software Architect
          Rational Software Modeler
          Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio for UNIX
          Rational Team Unifying Platform
          Rational Test RealTime
          SCLM Administrator Toolkit
          VisualAge Generator
          VisualAge Pacbase
          WebSphere Developer for z/Series
          WebSphere Host Access Transformation Services
          WebSphere Host On-Demand
          WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer
       SCLM Family
          SCLM for z/OS
          Software Configuration Library Manager Developer Toolkit
          Software Configuration Library Manager Suite Administrator Workbench
    IBM Tivoli
          Tivoli NetView Distribution Manager
          Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Databases
          Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for R/3
          Tivoli Storage Manager HSM for Windows
          TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller
    IBM WebSphere
       CICS Family
          CICS Transaction Gateway
          CICS Universal Client
          Unified Messaging for WebSphere Voice Response
          WebSphere Application Server
          WebSphere Application Server - Express
          WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
          WebSphere Application Server for z/OS
          WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
          WebSphere Business Integration Server Express
          WebSphere Business Integration Server Express Plus
          WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation for z/OS
          WebSphere Business Integration Workbench Entry Edition
          WebSphere Business Integration Workbench Server
          WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced
          WebSphere Business Modeler Basic
          WebSphere Business Modeler Publishing Server
          WebSphere Business Monitor
          WebSphere Commerce - Express
          WebSphere Data Interchange for MultiPlatforms
          WebSphere Data Interchange for z/OS
          WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus
          WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment
          WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment
          WebSphere Extended Deployment
          WebSphere InterChange Server
          WebSphere Message Broker for z/OS
          WebSphere Message Broker with Rules and Formatter Extension for Multiplatforms
          WebSphere Message Broker with Rules and Formatter Extension for z/OS
          WebSphere MQ
          WebSphere MQ Everyplace Network Edition
          WebSphere MQ Everyplace Retail Edition
          WebSphere MQ for z/OS
          WebSphere MQ Workflow for Multiplatforms
          WebSphere Partner Gateway - Express
          WebSphere Partner Gateway Advanced Edition
          WebSphere Partner Gateway Enterprise Edition
          WebSphere Remote Server
          WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition
          WebSphere Studio Application Monitor
          WebSphere Translation Server for Multiplatforms
          WebSphere Voice Response for AIX
    Non-IBM Software
       MITI MITS
       Oracle Informix & Sybase Rel Prods
       Other Relational Databases Products

  • + Storage devices

    Data Retention Storage Systems
       IBM System Storage DR550
    Disk Storage Systems
       IBM System Storage DS300/DS400
       IBM System Storage DS4000 family (formerly FAStT)
       IBM System Storage DS6000 family
       IBM System Storage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS)
    IBM System Storage Area Networks (hardware)
    Network Attached Storage
       IBM System Storage N3700
       IBM System Storage N5000
    IBM System Storage SAN File System
    IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller
    IBM System Storage Tape Storage Systems
       IBM System Storage LTO Tape
       IBM System Storage TS1120 Tape
       IBM System Storage Virtual Tape Server

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