Hiperstation for WebSphere® MQ allows IT departments to:

  • test WebSphere MQ application changes without the user interface
  • simulate server application responses during a user interface test
  • test changes to the operating system or subsystems
  • implement consistent, repeatable regression tests
  • conduct load testing for applications and system software
  • confirm disaster recovery site configuration and performance
  • audit server activity for appropriate access
  • provide hidden details to help desk and support personnel.

Business information

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  • Functional details

    • Hiperstation for WebSphere® MQ records actual WebSphere MQ sessions on a message-by-message basis.
    • Hiperstation for WebSphere MQ formats MQ activity into the actual API calls, parameters, detail data.
    • Hiperstation for WebSphere MQ can automatically replay either side of a WebSphere MQ application.
    • Hiperstation for WebSphere MQ provides useful reports that highlight key trends, events and results, including comparison of current message contents and headers to an expected baseline.
    • To facilitate customization of scripts, REXX can be used to: modify messages; populate messages with test data from an external file; perform conditional processing.

  • Competitive advantage

    The Value of Hiperstation:

    Reduce the expense of testing applications.

    Enhance the productivity of your application developers.

    Increase the quality of your applications.  


    The Benefits of Hiperstation for Developers:

    Create automated testing vehicles to perform regression or performance testing.

    Incorporate application business requirements into your tests.

    Simulate server application responses during a user interface test.

    Test changes to the operating system, language environment or subsystems.

    Audit WebSphere MQ application message activity for appropriate access.

    Thoroughly document test results.

  • Industries

    Banking Industry
    Financial Markets Industry
    Healthcare Industry
    Insurance Industry
    Retail Industry

  • Solution areas

    Financial Services/Banking
       Automated Solutions
          Point of Sales
       Branch Transformation
       Core Banking
       Core Systems Transformation
       Customer Insight
       Customer sales & service
       Enterprise Payment Platform (Back Office/Payments)
       Infrastructure and Support Services
       Internet Banking
       Marketing insights & analytics
       Multichannel Transformation
       Operations & Processing
       Product Manufacturing
       Regulatory Compliance
       Risk management & compliance
       Service to Sales (Front Office)
    Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
       Administrative Systems
       Clinical Care
       Finance and Accounting
       High Performance Computing
       Medical Imaging
       Operations and Regulations
       Patient Care and Services
       Payer Transaction Services
       Physician Office Automation
          Claims administration
          Clinical information systems
          Computerized physician order entry
          Health information systems
       Picture Archival and Communication Systems

  • Customer size

    Very Small Business (Less than 50 employees)
    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • Languages supported


  • Countries/regions available for distribution

    South Africa

    Argentina , Brazil , Canada , Mexico , United States


  • Solution collateral

Technical information

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  • Hardware/OS platforms

    z/OS 2.1
       IBM Systems: z Systems
    z/OS 2.2
       IBM Systems: z Systems
    z/OS 2.3
       IBM Systems: z Systems

  • Software

    IBM WebSphere
       CICS Family
          CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V4.2
          CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V5.1
          CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V5.3
          CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V5.4
          CICS Transaction Server V5.2
          WebSphere MQ
          WebSphere MQ for z/OS

  • Storage devices

    Disk Storage Systems
       IBM System Storage DS8000 family
          IBM System Storage DS8100
          IBM System Storage DS8300
          IBM System Storage DS8700
          IBM System Storage DS8800
          IBM System Storage DS8870

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