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ID#: 44588

Solution name:        

SugarCRM Sugar

Solution description:

SugarCRM makes CRM simple. With integrations to Connections, Unica, Cast Iron, IBM® SmartCloud™ for Social Business and other leading social and data networks, SugarCRM puts relevant customer insight immediately at your fingertips. Sugar also runs on PureSystems™, Power and x86 servers.

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This solution has been verified by IBM

Platforms running in a customer environment verified by IBM

Verified software
IBM Connections

Specialties and authorizations

Partner Advanced Managed Service Provider
    Software as a Service

Technical validations

  IBM Smarter Commerce
  IBM Smarter Commerce
   Campaign Management & Marketing
   Unica Campaign, Interact

Ready for IBM DB2 database software

Ready for IBM DB2 database software

Ready For IBM PureSystems

Ready For IBM PureSystems
   Virtual Application Pattern
  Ready for IBM Smarter Commerce
   Unica Campaign, Interact

Ready for IBM Social Business

Ready for IBM Social Business
   Social collaboration

Date last modified:    Feb 24, 2014


Contact information

Paul Foucher


SugarCRM Inc.
10050 North Wolfe Road
Cupertino, CA 95014
United States

+1 408 4546900

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