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PrecentiaLife brings the customer closer by striving excellent service with automation of processing cycle thereby replacing manual intervention. a) Prompt, efficient and personalized customer service Customer service & relationship is knit bodies that come hand-in-hand meaning better customer service begets better customer relationship. The system provides “Speedy Service and Delivery” where all transactions are approved expeditiously. This eliminates multiple process layers that cause long and tedious procedures. Customers no longer have to wait for days for approval of any transactions b) Customer centricity PrecentiaLife is customer centric by providing support to business processes, including sales and service. Each interaction with a customer is generally added to a customer's contact history, and staff can retrieve information on customers from the database as necessary. Customer Centricity covers the direct interaction with customers, for a variety of different purposes, including feedback and issue-reporting. c)High Productivity Higher productivity is achieved by delegating the full cycle of administrative processes to PrecentiaLife. Administrators are essentially able to focus on planning and management work without having to diverge to menial mundane administrative work thereby attaining cost efficiency. c) Flexibility PrecentiaLife is structurally parameterized driven thus launching of new products is now within a weeks.

Business information

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  • + Functional details

    PrecentiaLife caters for Traditional Life, Investment-linked, Universal life, Medical and Annuity business with the following full functionalities. a) Product Maintenance The central intelligence for all the modules which defines properties of products relating to the administration of the business. b) New Business Handles all new business processes c) Policy Servicing Handles for servicing of policies d) Claims Handles claim processing for all ranges of coverages e) Collections and Payments Handles all payments and disbursements f) Channel Management and Compensation Manage movements of sales persons and all related compensations g) Reinsurance h) GL for Accounts

  • + Business problem

    PrecentiaLife has proven to be profit-generating avenue with its strong technology and system design. It empowers companies to launch a comprehensive range of product class within weeks whilst driving operating costs efficiently and effectively. Its true uniqueness derives from the point that PrecentiaLife provides the launching platform for companies to venture into new insurance products horizon readily.

  • + Business opportunity

    PrecentiaLife is a highly integrated and comprehensive system with the following intrinsic attributes. a) Flexibility It is structurally parameterized driven thus giving the freedom for users to alter the governing criterions as and when necessary. Launching of new products where it used to be months away is now within a weeks. Each process is designed to be modular and object driven. b) Scalability It is highly scalable to accommodate business expansion and growth through introduction of new distribution channels and product horizons. c) Web-based in order to penetrate e-market space in immediate term. d) Strong infrastructure / foundation to operate mobile commerce capabilities through PDA and SMS. e) Reliability PrecentiaLife has been operational since year 1999 and has undergone numerous enhancements to cater for the changing industrial needs. Its reliability has been proven since then with the successful installation in many companies in the pacific region. f) Customer Centricity PrecentiaLife has the common client capability across all lines of insurance and distribution to achieve customer-centric framework. It enables the users to perceive policies based on per customer thereby enhancing customer servicing. Essentially, the design of PrecentiaLife is designed to support different product classes to fit various distribution channels. It has the capability of administering and processing policies differently in each distribution. PrecentiaLife gives such functions by way of user specifying the necessary parameters in the maintenance table to tailor for different business.

  • + Return on investment

    PrecentiaLife provides the “razor edge” in giving our customers the mileage to excel in the competitive environment. It posses the perfect combinations of factors to provide expeditious customer response, information accuracy and customer centricity. With the adoption of PrecentiaLife, insurer is able to launch new products within weeks. Evidently in a case study, it has effectively boost production by 40% per year, thus translating to the rate of return on investment of 25% p.a.. The solution is specifically design with precedence on flexibility and functionality richness to empower customers to aggressively spearhead business growth on a quantum leap.

  • + Competitive advantage

    PrecentiaLife’s main differentiation from its competitors is summarized as follows. a) Web-based in order to achieve geographical usage at anytime. b) Strong infrastructure / foundation. c) Reusable object code (Object oriented technology) d) N-tier architecture to allow platform independence (presentation, business and database) e) Tightly integrated process and database to protect against breach of security. f) Common client capability to achieve customer-centric framework. g) Structurally parameter driven thus giving the freedom for users to alter the governing criterion as and when necessary. h) Designed such that each process is modular and object driven. i) Build-In security features to ensure authorized access only. k) Fully integrated modules providing seamless process thus eliminating manual intervention.

  • + Industries

    Insurance Industry
       Insurance Carriers - Life & Asset Management (L&AM)

  • + Solution areas

       Administration Systems and Services
          Claims Administration
          Policy Administration
       Agent Management
       Core Insurance
       Insurance distribution and services
    Cross industry
       Business Intelligence
          Data Mining
          Data Warehousing
          Sales Analysis
          Text Mining and Analysis
       Business Process Management and Integration
          Business Operations
          Employee Services
       Computer Services
          Capacity Planning
          Client Consolidation
          Systems Management
       Customer Relationship Management
          Sales Productivity
       Document Management
          Document Management/Processing
       e-Mail Messaging and Collaboration
          E-mail Communications
          Team Management
       Product Lifecycle Management
          Engineering and Analysis
          Product Data Management and Collaboration
          Product Lifecycle Express
          Service After Sales
       Science and Technology
          Data Management
          Research and Development

  • + Customer size

    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • + Languages supported

    Chinese (Simplified)
    Chinese (Traditional)

  • + Countries/regions available for distribution

    Indonesia , Malaysia , Philippines , Singapore , Taiwan

  • + Solution collateral

    Name Date Categories
    Sep 26, 2012 Products

Technical information

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  • + Hardware/OS platforms

    Windows Server 2003
       System x
    AIX 6.1
       IBM Systems: Power
       System x
    Windows Server 2008 (inclusive)
       System x
       System x
    AIX 7.1
       IBM Systems: Power
       IBM PureSystems: PureFlex System and Flex System

  • + Services

    Business Solutions: Application Innovation
    Business Solutions: Financial Management
    Industry Leadership Solutions
    Professional Services
    Services: Application Implementation
    Services: Application Management
    Services: Custom Application Development
    Services: Integration
    Services: Outsourcing
    Other Services

  • + Software

    IBM Information Management
       Information Management
          DB2 Enterprise 9
          DB2 Enterprise Server Edition
          DB2 Workgroup Server Edition
    IBM WebSphere
          WebSphere Application Server
          WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment

  • + Storage devices

    Disk Storage Systems
       IBM System Storage DS300/DS400
       IBM System Storage DS4000 family (formerly FAStT)
       IBM System Storage DS5000 family
       IBM System Storage DS6000 family
       IBM System Storage DS8000 family
       IBM System Storage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS)
       IBM System Storage Enterprise Storage Server Model 750
       IBM System Storage Enterprise Storage Server Model 800
       IBM System Storage XIV

Date last modified:    Jun 10, 2014

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