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A DOORS Practitioner is a team member, possibly a team lead, who needs to coordinate and manage the work of a team, or who needs more advanced Rational DOORS skills than a Foundation User. A practitioner's task includes approving and validating requirements and documentation, and utilizing DOORS integrations with other applications.

Training Path for DOORS PractitionerQN118
Instructor-led (2 days) Customizing IBM Rational
DOORS using DXL, V9.3 Optional Optional Optional QN114 (version 9.4) OR Instructor-led (1 day) QN113 (version 9.3)
Instructor-led (1 day) IBM Rational
DOORS Practitioner QN164 (version 9.4) OR Instructor-led (1 day) QN163 (version 9.3)
Instructor-led (1 day) IBM Rational
DOORS Foundation QN135
Instructor-led (1 day) Principles of Requirements Management Practitioner Optional Optional