Policies and procedures

Principles, practices, policies, and procedures

Integrity and ethical standards:
It is IBM's policy to conduct itself ethically and fairly in relation to its suppliers and all others with whom IBM does business. If, at any time, this policy is perceived as being compromised in any way, please report your concern to the IBM Global Procurement Ombudsman (800-233-3073). Concerns will be addressed promptly with care, respect, and confidentiality.

IBM's goal is to buy goods and services which have the best prices, quality, delivery, and technology. IBM has a policy against reciprocal buying arrangements, because those arrangements can interfere with this goal.

IBM considers its business relationships with each of its suppliers and potential suppliers to be a private matter between the two parties. IBM will treat information received from suppliers in a responsible fashion and expects suppliers to treat information received from IBM in the same manner. Further, IBM does not wish to receive from a supplier any information which is considered to be confidential unless the supplier and IBM have ente