Letter from IBM Chief Procurement Officer to suppliers on supply chain and environmental responsibilities

November 2014

Dear IBM Supplier:

IBM has expected its suppliers to operate in an environmentally responsible manner for decades. Accordingly, our management system has included various environmental and supply chain social requirements for our suppliers. In addition, in 1998, IBM explicitly encouraged its suppliers to align their own environmental management systems with International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001 and to pursue registration under this international standard. In 2004, IBM published its Supplier Conduct Principles to articulate the company's overall supply chain social responsibility requirements and, in 2013, replaced these principles with Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct. These early initiatives and actions--taken well before the present day focus on social and environmental affairs--have served IBM and its suppliers well, underscoring how effective environmental management makes good business sense. In recognition of the continually growing imperative for environmental and corporate responsibility across supply chains, I am writing to inform you about some IBM requirements that were first communicated to our suppliers in February 2010 and are now an important part of business.

Specifically, IBM requires all of its suppliers to: